Project Runway: Unconventional Challenge

Oh do I ever love an unconventional materials challenge!  Heidi loves them too, feeling like the designers are really forced to be creative.  The designers, on the other hand, don’t always love these challenges.  When they find themselves at the Hallmark Signature store, they know what they’re up for…

The 15 designers get two minutes to grab as many cards as they can.  They then only have one day to create a wearable garment out of them.  The designers really seem to help each other out, trading cards and colors freely.  Some have more trouble than others.  Ashley, last week’s winner, has immunity for the challenge and is feeling very thankful that she does.  Amanda creates a neat skirt, but can’t use the materials to make it work.  Blake, who really bugs me, is probably in glitter hell.  Edmund is completely quiet and keeps his wedding concept a secret.  They all manage to dig out some designs in the end.  Here’s the runway show:


  • Ashley is lucky she has immunity, because she straight-up cheated and glued some gold stuff to muslin.
  • Joseph has a cute color palette, but I’m not a fan of that skirt silhouette at all.  It looks poorly constructed.
  • Jake’s dress came out so cute and wearable!  It gives me a flapper vibe.
  • Candice’s silver dress is fierce!
  • Hanmiao’s dress also came out adorable.  Not loving the collar, but the graphic nature really works from a distance.
  • I don’t like the colors or the cut of Gabrielle’s dress.  Why is it so much longer in the front?
  • Laurie’s little gold dress has an adorable silhouette.  I’m pretty sure I’ve owned/worn something similar.
  • Lindsey’s dress doesn’t look terribly well-constructed either, to be honest, but the details and the colors really work for me.
  • I love the royal/gold color combination on Merline’s, but I absolutely hate the cut with the gray panel in the front.

These looks are all safe.  Interestingly, four looks are pulled for the top this week and only two for the bottom.  Here they are:


  • I can’t believe how cute Swapnil’s dress turned out.  It’s definitely a lot, but it works so well together.
  • I agree that David’s jacket is kind of neat, but he really cheated.  He just glued the words off of cards onto muslin.
  • I didn’t want to like Blake’s.  I thought his was all muslin too, but Tim pointed out that the fabric pieces he used were from cards.  It looks like a sweet sixteen dress and it totally works.
  • Kelly’s look is pretty much tailor-made for Katy Perry.  Guest judge Ashley Tisdale responds well to it.  I, like some of the other judges, love the top but not so much the bottom.
  • In another case of I love the top but hate the bottom we have Amanda.  No one responds well to this skirt, though.
  • Edmond’s bridal masterpiece is just that… this breath-taking Hallmark Signature wedding dress is the winner for the night!

So, you’ve heard the good news; the bad comes in the form of Amanda and David up for elimination.  I was very worried for Amanda, and I loved her play-on lace top!  David ends up getting sent home for not playing by the rules… they judges felt like he even knew he gave up.

We’re up for a team challenge next week and we’ve got some big personalities.  Who do you think is next to go?!

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