Day: August 17, 2015

Project Runway: Unconventional Challenge

Oh do I ever love an unconventional materials challenge!  Heidi loves them too, feeling like the designers are really forced to be creative.  The designers, on the other hand, don’t always love these challenges.  When they find themselves at the Hallmark Signature store, they know what they’re up for…

The 15 designers get two minutes to grab as many cards as they can.  They then only have one day to create a wearable garment out of them.  The designers really seem to help each other out, trading cards and colors freely.  Some have more trouble than others.  Ashley, last week’s winner, has immunity for the challenge and is feeling very thankful that she does.  Amanda creates a neat skirt, but can’t use the materials to make it work.  Blake, who really bugs me, is probably in glitter hell.  Edmund is completely quiet and keeps his wedding concept a secret.  They all manage to dig out some designs in the end.  Here’s the runway show: (more…)