Face Off: Whimsy & Macabre

This week’s Face Off was the 100th episode!

To celebrate, all the artists were taken to a mausoleum and shown pictures of real live (thankfully!) engaged couples.  These couples would be models for the Spotlight Challenge– their weddings, corpse bride-style!  Both whimsical and macabre elements must come together to create the weirdest and most wonderful wedding for these seven couples.  Ordained minister McKenzie Westmore will officiate, of course.

The artists got to pick their own partners for the challenge.  Inspired by videos sent in by the couples, concepts were developed, make-ups were made, and couples got married!  So here are the looks:


Ben & Jasmine made this couple– my favorite and the judges’!  Tom was Liza’s cat in life, but in death, they can truly be together.  The yarn hair and horns was just too cute!  Ben & Jasmine got in top looks, won, and Jasmine ended up taking the win for her beautiful paint job on Liza.  Seriously, that face was gorgeous and luminous.


  • Scott & Stevie’s frozen Christmas carolers landed them in the safe zone.
  • Ricky & Jordan’s pop art zombies put them in top looks!  Charlotte and Serge got electrocuted playing video games by the pool.  The comedy plus the perfect blend of whimsy and macabre made this an easy pick for top looks.
  • Libby & Brittany’s water goddess and tree man were pretty lovely.  They may have not quite been macabre enough, but they stayed safe.
  • Meg & Nora’s concept wasn’t great, if you asked me– an artist who fell so in love with her painting that she killed herself, her sacrifice bringing that painting to life so he killed himself to be with her.  They resulting pieces were neither whimsical nor macabre and they landed in the bottom.
  • Missy & Jason’s zombies also landed them on the bottom for a lot of things just not making sense– the lines on his face verses the way his neck broke, the shoulder bone that looks nothing like a bone.  Plus, the paint job only hid the sculpt.
  • Evan & Kevon’s play on light and dark was… large and maybe not as successful as intended?  But they were safe.

With Missy, Jason, Meg, and Nora’s fates on the line, the episode took a break to celebrate the 7 weddings.  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out who’s next to go!  Any predictions?

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