Day: August 10, 2015

Project Runway: Mad Dash

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like reality TV competitions, especially when they are creative in nature.  So, Project Runway works for me.  I also really like to start the week off with some sort of TV recap, so despite the fact that this show is on on Thursdays, it’s going to be my Monday post!

It’s season 14, and as with every new season’s start, there are too many designers to distinguish many yet.  Along the way, perhaps three stand out to me immediately: Lindsey, whose overall aesthetic strikes a note with me; Merline, who annoys the designers and myself with her constant singing and calls muslin “muslim” enough that Tim corrects her; and Hanmiao, who refers to herself as a “pistachio” which in Chinese means happy nut… that works for me.

The slew of designers find themselves in Madison Square Garden where Heidi announces their first challenge.  Looking around, there is fabric scattered throughout the stadium seats.  The designers have just three minutes to grab up to four pieces of fabric.  From there, they have one day to construct anything– as long as it represents them as a designer.

The get to the work room and Tim calls some of them out immediately for not coming prepared.  Apparently, Merline, Swapnil, and David all came to Project Runway without any tools and will have to depend on the kindness of others for scissors, shears, and any other tools of the trade.  Construction begins and the next time Tim comes to check on the designers, things don’t end much better.  While a couple designers receive positive feedback from Tim, he is largely disappointed in what he sees.  The last couple of hours helps some of the designers work some magic, because the next day, the work looks better and Tim feels better about it too.  Here’s what the designers send out on the runway:

IMG_8839 IMG_8840

And here’s how I feel:

  • Blake | I hate this.  I hated it in the work room and I hate it on the runway.  Why did he put this necklace with it?  I hate that too.
  • Amanda | I want to like Amanda, but I hate her dress.  I think in a different print it could work better for me, but it doesn’t as is.
  • Laurie | I love the top and the fit, but I wish the slit were lower or cut differently so it didn’t look so much like one completely bare leg.
  • Hanmiao | I don’t know why, but I get this look.  It’s too matchy and doesn’t look well made, but I understand her aesthetic.
  • Swapnil | This came out nice.
  • Duncan | This literally looks like he just pinned the piece of fabric on the model.  The back looks better than the front, but this doesn’t work at all for me.
  • Edmond | After seeing two earlier versions of Edmond’s garment, I am so happy with how this turned out!  Good choices were made.
  • Merline | I thought she was going to get no work done, so I’m especially surprised at how much this works for me.  It looks so well made.
  • Lindsay | Very cute.  Extremely wearable.
  • David | I’m so surprised at how much I like this.  I would love to wear something similar.
  • Joseph | Love the colors.  Also very wearable.
  • Kelly | Not a fan of the top, but I like the skirt.
  • Jake | All print, nothing special about the dress.  Like the print, though.
  • Gabrielle | Someone’s mom who thinks their chic would wear this.
  • Candice | Liked this in the work room, like it on the runway.
  • Ashley | Slam dunk.  Cute and totally works.

Heidi, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Hannah Davis judge.  The judges call out Edmond, Merline, and Ashley for the top, and Hanmiao, Duncan, and Blake for the bottom.  I am so nervous for Hanmiao, because I really like her and I fear the judges will prefer the others.

Ashley takes the first win and secures immunity for herself for the next challenge.  She definitely deserved it!

Duncan ends up being the first one out.  I breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s always hard to see the first one go.

What do you think of the designers so far?  Any early favorites?