Goodbye July

Holy freaking cannoli, I cannot believe that July is gone.  I can’t handle anything about this summer or how little of it I’ve gotten to relax through.  Enjoying and making the most out of this summer means I’m very, very tired, but I think these little things were worth it:


[1] I’ve spent every single July weekend in Rhode Island and you can watch them all here. [2] I’ve discovered my new favorite ice cream place in Charlestown, RI. [3] And I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream in general. [4] I’ve been playing with make-up, despite the heat. [5] I enjoyed a beautiful Boston sunset over the Charles. [6] I checked out Hokusai at the MFA and absolutely fell in love. [7] My hair started cooperating, miraculously. [8] I’ve found moments of peace on hectic days. [9] And I’ve eaten so much delicious seafood!

I’m thankful we still have one summer month left.  Tell me some of your favorite July memories!

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