MasterChef: No Way Gnocchi

This week’s episode of MasterChef was done family style– a family style meal served in the dining room for a special visiting family.  Well, I knew it was the home cooks’ families, but they didn’t, so it was a big surprise for them!  Oh, the feels.

The judges appointed two team captains this week: Derrick for the Blue Team and Claudia for the Red Team.  Derrick selects Nick, Olivia, Christopher, and Tommy.  Claudia selects Katrina, Hetal, Stephen, and Shelly.  Derrick devises an Italian menu– a rack of lamb, caprese salad, baked ziti, and a chocolate mousse pie for dessert.  The caprese salad switches to a strawberry tomato salad by Olivia’s suggestion, once Gordon has pointed out the double cheese sides… as if that’s a problem!  Claudia’s menu is chicken, mashed potatoes, broccolini, and strawberry short cake.

They serve for Derrick’s mom, Olivia’s mom, Christopher’s girlfriend, Tommy’s husband, Claudia’s mom, Katrina’s boyfriend, Hetal’s husband, Stephen’s son, and Shelly’s daughter.  The family members don’t know who cooked what, and vote for either red or blue blindly.

It’s amazing how many people vote for their loved one’s teams!  The exceptions are Nick’s mom, Katrina’s boyfriend, and Derrick’s mom giving the Red Team the win.  It’s also amazing how emotional I get (and Graham too, that sensitive fellow!) watching the home cooks see their family members!  I love these moments.

But just like that, it’s time for another pressure test.  The judges save team captain Derrick, who pulled his weight.  Nick, Olivia, Christopher, and Tommy make gnocchi.


Nick calls himself Nicky Gnocchi and is very experienced with making this dish; his go over well.  As great as Nick’s go over, Olivia’s are even better and she’s only made the dish once before!

Christina Tosi has something against Christopher.  Like, I know he’s not always the most polite or conscious of how he’s coming across to others, but something about him just rubs her the wrong way.  She yells at him before she even starts eating, and goes off on him as he tries to play to the crowd while Gordon tastes his gnocchi.  His dish looks good, but he didn’t taste the mixture prior to preparing… rookie mistake.

Tommy remade his gnocchi with like a minute and a half to go, so it’s miraculous that they’re even on the plate.  Though they’re swimming in butter, the taste is good.

Nick & Olivia are safe.  Between Tommy and Christopher, taste wins over presentation.  Not tasting his dish was his downfall, and Christopher is asked to leave the MasterChef kitchen.

I really liked Christopher, but I’m glad Tommy is still around too.  Next week, it looks like a flambé challenge, and we certainly need Tommy to deliver the line from the preview about not being the only flaming thing in the kitchen.  Loves it.

What did you guys think about the elimination and Christopher?  And single digits!  Who’s your fav?

Have a great weekend, loves!

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