Face Off: Intergalactic Zoo

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this or anything, but I seem to love reality competition shows.  Oh, you noticed?  Okay then.  Well, I particularly love them when they involve some sort of artistic creation, be it culinary like Top Chef or MasterChef, or design like Project Runway.  Enter: Face Off on Syfy.  Face Off features special effects make up artists transforming humans into out-of-this-world creatures– monsters, aliens, animal-hybrids, and more with stories to tell.

Season 9 started this week, so join me in watching and talking about the amazing (and sometimes, not so amazing) creations!  As with any season opener, there are too many characters for me to really zone in on favorites yet.  There are sixteen of them and they walk up in pairs to the Natural History Museum.

Here, McKenzie Westmore reveals that it’s time for the week’s Spotlight Challenge: an alien animal.  They’re working in pairs– with the person they walked in with.  There are points of inspiration scattered throughout the museum– each team must snag one to create their animal.  The pairs and their inspiration pieces are as follows:

  • Jasmine & Ricky, alligator skin
  • Ben & Jordan, azurite with malachite
  • Omar & Kevon, clam shell
  • Nora & Scott, ram horn
  • Evan & Sidney, schorl tourmaline
  • Meg & Missy, herbivore jaw
  • Stevie & Libby, native silver
  • Brittany & Jason, turtle shell

Oh but there’s a biiiig twist– their designs will incorporate two models.  This really forces them to think outside the box and get away from human shapes.  It reminds me of Doctor’s Who’s daleks, in a way… how they had to truly think of something that wouldn’t look like a man in a suit.  Try that times two!

Here’s what they come up with:


The top two looks are Jordan & Ben’s and Evan & Sidney’s (third down on the left).  Jordan & Ben’s is my favorite look, and the judges as well!  Ben earns the win for his amazing paint job and head sculpt.  The bottom two looks are Omar & Kevon’s, which took their inspiration too literally, and Steve & Libby’s, which is essential someone sitting on someone else’s shoulders.

The good news is, though, no one goes home!  With this monumental challenge being the first, the judges feel that they know what these contestants are capable of.  And we’ll see more next week!

Which was your favorite look?

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