Day: July 23, 2015

Paint Nite

Listen, I’ve been procrastinating this post forever because I’m just so short on time this month. It’s sad that my work life-balance is very off this summer, but it’s just fact. I have managed to have lots of fun here and there, though! Case in point: Paint Nite with my favorite blogger friends Elissa of Style Wire and Celina of Trends & Tolstoy.

This actually happened last month, I think? See what I mean about short on time?

Elissa invited us along, having been given some tickets for review. As someone who loves to paint, I was immediately interested… but I was also intimidated. Sure, I paint for fun, but I don’t paint actual. I paint designs, abstract somethings I can’t mess up, or words. Maybe I’ll get crazy and paint some flowers or the occasional pokémon gym badge. Luckily, my friends were just as concerned about our lack of artistic abilities. And we call ourselves Emersonians!

When we got there and got a glass of prosecco in us, we relaxed. Our Paint Nite was located in the basement of Clerys, which concerned me from a lighting perspective. That didn’t end up being an issue, but there was no service down there! Bloggers have got to instagram and tweet, right?

Our instructor, Suriah, made us promise not to judge ourselves or each other, or look at each other’s painting for comparison. I can say I did quite a bit of looking around and laughing at myself! The class did such a great job and we… went a bit rogue. Guess we’re Emerson kids after all!

Check out the pictures for the rest of the story!

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We were offered a discount code so abate the cost of future Paint Nites. It doesn’t expire, so I’ll share it here with you: Suriah45% for 45% off tickets! I had an absolute blast and would love to do another.

Have you ever done a Paint Nite? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!