Day: July 20, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26

It’s never weird for people to just start disappearing in Sailor Moon, and after a big attack from Sailor Moon, I’m not surprised that both she and Nemesis are no where to be seen.  The inner senshi are surprised, though, because Sailor Moon Crystal hasn’t been kind enough to grant them the ability to think for themselves.  Then Tuxedo Mask’s hands start glowing and he disappears too.


Neo Queen Serenity awakens, kisses her king and brings him back to his body.  This is a twist on a classic I can get on board with!  Little Chibiusa is so pumped to see her mom, who promptly reveals that the Nemesis they saw was just an illusion and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask got sucked toward the real planet.  She also reveals that she has no guardian powers and sends her child to fight alongside Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.  No one sees a problem with this.  Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter stay behind because they don’t get to do anything.  Oh, and Pluto is apparently really dead.

understatement of the year, NQS.

understatement of the year, NQS.

There’s got to be a balance between with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask love fest… as much as it’s always worked for me in the original anime, I don’t see Crystal’s Sailor Moon as the same one I knew.  She says she can only access her power in Tuxedo Mask’s presence and I’m just not okay with this.  As they charge toward the planet Nemesis, which threatens to consume the solar system, (but is Nemesis even in our solar system?) Sailor Chibi Moon appears.  Moon and Chibi Moon hurl a double Moon Princess Halation and destroy Nemesis.

It’s pretty quick.  Neo Queen Serenity dubs Sailor Moon the Guardian of Mystery, which I really love.  She grants her cosmic power and a new compact and scepter.  She says she can’t meet her past self because it will change history, then decides to anyway.  I’ve never seen anyone so pumped to see their self!  Chibiusa leaves, but then comes back to be trained.  And that’s the end of Act 26.

The big question, begged further by à bientôt, is: Is Sailor Moon Crystal over?  If so, was it worth it?  We’ll never get to see Haruka or Michiru (or really Setsuna since we’ve only seen her as Pluto), or Hotaru.  We’ll never see what Sailor Moon’s cosmic powers can do.  From a manga perspective, I was looking forward to a more adherent story (guess I’ll just have to crack my manga open!) to see the Amazoness Quartet revealed as Chibi Moon’s team of senshi– this is one detail that I always wish was carried into the previous anime!

If anything, I’m glad Sailor Moon is back on people’s minds.  Thoughts?!  News?!  Leave me some comments!