No Soup For You

I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago and Seinfeld was there for me.  Hulu sent me a message offering, soup for you?  Then they told me they’d be sending me something for being a Seinfeld fan!  I was just so excited about the whole thing.  I love Seinfeld & I love Hulu!  Want to know what I got?  Watch this little vlog:

11374705_1590884544505530_1010750361_n So I’ve got this awesome shirt inspired by the classic episode, “The Puffy Shirt.”  It’s GIANT but I’m totally going to love this to lounge about in come winter time and I absolutely love being able to represent my favorite TV shows.

Have you been watching Seinfeld on Hulu?  Though I watched back in the nineties when I was younger, it’s even more fun to watch and appreciate as an adult.  I completely have a new appreciation for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I must say… I think George might be my favorite character!  I always think of “The Parking Lot” and “The Implant” as my favorite episodes.  What are some of yours?

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