MasterChef: Gordon’s Greatest Hits

How have I been watching Gordon Ramsay on TV so long without any idea that there was prosciutto in that beef Wellington?  I die.  I’ve never wanted to eat something more.  There’s also a mushroom duxelle, chive-filled crêpe, creamy mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, and a red wine sauve to worry about.

Instead of a Mystery Box this week, we basically have a Taste It/Make It.  The top 12 home cooks dine on Gordon Ramsay’s signature beef Wellington.  They sit in tables of two, and after attempting the dish, they find out that the person they shared their table with is actually their teammate.  Only one will send their Welly up and both teammates’ fate depend on it.

  • Stephen and Sara send Stephen’s up.  When its cut, it’s beautiful– nicely cooked and perfectly rolled.  Gordon must admit, it’s absolutely brilliant.
  • Hetal and Christopher make the seemingly odd decision of sending Hetal’s up.  Hetal was at a major disadvantage as a vegetarian.  Gordon sends Christopher back to get his dish instead, but looks like a monster, so Gordon goes for Hetal’s after all.  “Is it good?” she asks nervously.  “No,” says Gordon, “it’s f*cking delicious!”
  • Derrick and Katrina send up Derrick’s.  He missed the mustard, over-cooked his filet, and left too much room between the meat and the pastry.
  • Nick and Kerry send up Nick’s,  It’s rolled nice and tight, but the layers are a bit too thick.  Nick also forgot the mustard.
  • Shelly and Olivia choose Olivia’s to present.  They filet is a little less pink than it should be and the pastry is uneven.  The carrots are burnt too.
  • Tommy and Claudia send Claudia’s up.  It’s beautiful when it’s cut and delicious.  Graham notes her mushrooms are particularly delicious.

The top 6 are safe.  That ends up being Stephen and Sara, Hetal and Christopher, and Tommy and Claudia.  Out of the bottom three teams, two of them will go into a pressure test.  Olivia and Shelly end up safe leaving Nick, Kerry, Derrick, and Katrina to cook another Gordon Ramsay classic in a pressure test.  It’s a technical nightmare: pan seared scallops, quail eggs, pea purée, and crispy pancetta.

a true thing of beauty!  that parmesan is getting me.

a true thing of beauty! that parmesan is getting me.

Watching Gordon assemble this dish is pure poetry.  Stephen says appears to have mastered space and time, and I can’t argue there.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch– nothing short of a work of art!

Though Gordon demonstrated the dish in 15 minutes, the home cooks have 30.  They only get three scallops, three quail eggs, and three pancetta meaning there is no room for error.  I watch in fear for someone to break a yolk, which Katrina does.

Derrick’s taste test goes well, save for some grit in the scallops.  Katrina’s taste test doesn’t go so well.  As Graham says, “half the things aren’t on the plate and the half that are don’t taste that good.”  Poor Kerry was looking so good until plating.  He got very few components on the plate.  Christina is mean to him.  Nick’s plate looks wonderful and delivers in impressing Gordon.

Nick conquered the day and won the pressure test.  Sadly, Kerry gets sent home for his time management.  I’m so disappointed in this one, because he cooked better than Katrina.  Kerry, you chase your passion for food!

Anyone else not like this result?

Looks like we’re in for a Mystery Box next week, so at least there’s that.

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