Day: July 9, 2015

I Want To Be The Very Best

My twitter bio may boast pokémon master, but I’m actually very new to the exciting world of #PlayPokemon and VGC. I’ve been playing pokémon for almost 17 years, but until recently, I played the same way I did in 1998. I watched my first regionals a mere 6 months ago and honestly, I was hooked. I’ve always been more of a collector than a battler, so I was perfectly content as a spectator only. After this weekend’s nationals, though… I want to play too.

The thing that I can’t stand while watching these VGC matches is the monotony of the teams. Everyone seems to have a Kangaskhan, Aegislash, Landorus-Therian, Thundurus, Heatran, and Amoonguss. This is especially prevalent in the Masters division. I love nothing more than when someone brings out a wildcard Pokémon. I also love seeing pokémon I just like! I love Charizard, I love rain teams headed up by Ludicolo, and I don’t even mind the many Sylveon. I want to build my team out of pokémon I love to use. That being said, here are some of my favorite pokémon from this weekend’s Nationals:


Wolfe Glick’s Milotic | I’m a little bit of a Wolfe Glick fangirl.  You would be too if you saw his commanding perish trap battles at Massachusetts Regionals.  Though his Nationals team has 5/6 pokémon that I just complained about being too common, watching Wolfe is always a pleasure!

Alex Underhill’s Gastrodon | I appreciate the diversity of Alex’s team.  Cresselia is another common appearance in VGC, but one that I like.  My favorite here, though, is this Storm Drain Gastrodon!  This caught my eye in a previous regionals and I always love to see it.

Angel Miranda’s Frillish | I also love the diversity of this team.  Like I said, I love Charizard and Sylveon.  The draw for this team for me is the Jellicent!   Another pokémon that caught my eye in a previous regionals, Jellicent’s Cursed Body is so key!

Bennett Piercy’s Nidoqueen | Aside from Milotic, no one pokémon stood out to me as much as this Nidoqueen from the senior division.  Bennett (and really, all the Senior and Junior competitors) had a more diverse team than the Masters, but this Nidoqueen stole the spotlight.  I think we might be seeing more Nidoqueen in the future.

To see the details of these teams and more, check out the official pokémon website.

Any pokémon fans out there competitive battlers?  It’s so counter-intuitive to me!  Advice always appreciated.  The goal: to be less pathetic in time for Worlds!  Who will I see there?!