Summer Reading 2015 | part 2

It’s been a while, but I’ve actually made a lot of summer reading progress!  Today’s selections, numbers 5 through 7, were all completed prior to this weekend, so stay tuned for more soon!  Until then:


Chop Chop by Simon Wroe

I picked this up at B&N after leaving Shadow of the Night on the couch at my beach house. (There have been obstacles to my summer reading saga!) I wanted something completely unrelated to the All Souls trilogy and something quick. Because I sort of read it half mid-way through Shadow of the Night and half after, it didn’t feel like the quick read I anticipated. The story starts a bit slow, but definitely picks up in the middle and comes around to a pretty satisfying ending. I happen to love all of the restaurant terminology. If you’re a Hell’s Kitchen fan, I recommend this book for you!

The Fine Art of Fucking Up by Cate Dicharry

Another one-off I picked up, not wanting to dedicate my summer solely to a series. This is a funny and quirky little book. I don’t work in the arts, but I went to art school and identify with this crazy world. It’s a rather absurd set of circumstances and most of the characters are pretty outlandish, making it a fun one.. The main character, despite the absurd set of circumstances, it’s very real and relatable. It’s nothing to write home about, in my opinion, but it was a quick and enjoyable read.

Grace’s Guide by Grace Helbig

I’m on a Youtube kick, aren’t I? Grace Helbig’s first book has been sitting on my bedside table for a while. I flipped through it when it first came out/I first bought it, but I wanted to revisit and really read it since I had just sailed through iJustine’s. Grace’s Guide is really not meant to be read cover to cover. I did, because I was sick and wanted to take my mind off of that. It reads very true to Grace, like you watched several of her advice Youtube videos. The thing is, Grace’s advise, though silly, is good! I identify with a lot of it, like cleaning your dishes to clear your mind. Definitely more of a coffee table book, but a must for Grace fans!

Any summer reading suggestions for me?!

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