Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25

Hey guys!  I hope you all had lovely holiday weekends.  I am playing a lot of catch up with work, sleep, and my shows.  I finally got around to watching this weekend’s Sailor Moon Crystal and FINALLY a great episode!


In this, the penultimate episode of the arc, we got to witness the first transformation of Sailor Chibi Moon!  Though we haven’t named her yet… anyone notice that Crystal is a lot more fluid with names than the original anime ever was?  Sailor Moon can be Usagi transformed or not– this never happened before.

Anyway, let’s talk about Pluto.  Last we saw her, she left Diana to guard the door of space-time to join the fight.  With Demande poised to destroy the world by touching the past Legendary Silver Crystal to the present, Pluto seemed to take issue more than most.  Actually, all the other senshi are, characteristically, passed out.  Pluto demonstrates that not only does she have power, but that it’s a freaking cool one– she stops time!  It was awesome.  Everything freezes including Nemesis, then important people start to unfreeze– Usagi, Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Mamoru, the King… the cats, Black Lady… wait, what’s even frozen anymore?  Anyway, Usagi goes and snatches the silver crystals from the one still frozen in time, Demande.  Don’t try to keep track of these two crystals, though, ’cause you really won’t see them again in the episode.

The scene unfreezes and turns sour when Pluto remembers the words of Neo Queen Serenity for performing this taboo– she will, and I quote, “probably destroy herself.”  Probably?!  She apparently destroyed her lungs, because her death involves a lot of cuoffing, Pluto plays dead for the rest of the episode, but I’m honestly not convinced.  Witnessing this scene snaps Chibiusa out of her state of temporary evil and awakens her as Sailor Chibi Moon– a third and future Legendary Silver Crystal is born from her tears.

Sailor Moon transforms again presumably with one of the crystals secure in her brooch and the senshi participate (finally!) in defeating Wiseman/Nemesis.  Only they don’t because there’s one act left.  Demande is finally destroyed and the senshi (except Pluto who is still dead) are enveloped in the malefic black crystal’s warping energy.  Wiseman is revealed to be Death Phantom… I’m sorry, didn’t we know this already?  And now we’re ready for a real end to this battle.

I happened to love this episode.  What did you all think?!


  1. I don’t know, this episode felt overly slow to me, even by Crystal’s standards. But I’m looking forward to the arc wrapping up. I hope we get another season! If only because I want to see Crystal Outer Senshi transformation sequences!

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