MasterChef 100th Episode

One hundred episodes of MasterChef!  Guys, I can’t help but wish Joe were here for this occasion.  Still, it’s reason to celebrate and there are 100 guests here to do that.  That’s exactly what the team challenge is this week– to serve those 100 guests.  Each team is tasked with making an oyster and caviar appetizer and a duck breast entrée.

Nick captains the Blue team, and as the winner from last week, gets the first pick.  Blue ends up with Amanda, Stephen, Sara, Charlie, Shelly, and Claudia.  Olivia picks Derrick, Katrina, Chris, Hetal, Kerry, Nick, and Tommy for her Red team.  Each team comes up with their lunch menus and starts cooking.


It’s not that easy, of course.  Red immediately overcooks a bunch of their oysters, resulting in smaller portion sizes and eventually, having to completely change their appetizer.  When it comes entrée time, Charlie on Blue has burnt the carrots to an absolute crisp resulting in a sudden change of vegetable.  Despite cooking problems on both sides, the winner is declared to be the Red team!

Unfortunately for Blue, that means they’re facing the pressure test.  One person will get to sit out, but the team must come to a consensus and pick this person.  They choose Stephen, and he joins the Red team on the balcony while the remaining home cooks prepare to make three-layer birthday cakes!  Oh, and two will be eliminated at the end.  Talk about pressure!

Results and mixed.

These cakes do not look like Christina's from the celebration...

These cakes do not look like Christina’s from the celebration…

  • Nick’s sponge cake with blood orange mascarpone icing is pretty good.  He feels safe looking at his competitors’.
  • Amanda’s vanilla cake with Nutella buttercream and strawberry filling sounded so delicious, but she took her cake out to early.  It’s not cooked and she knew it.
  • Shelly’s mojito lime cake is also undercooked, but I appreciate her MasterChef decoration on the top!
  • Sara’s yellow cake with raspberry sauce doesn’t impress, but doesn’t disappoint.
  • Claudia’s tres leches cake impresses upon slicing and is delicious!
  • Charlie was a disaster and the cake looks like one too, piled high with frosting and looking like it’s melted on a hot summer day.  It’s delicious, miraculously.

The clear winner here was Claudia.  Nick and Sara find themselves safe.  Amanda, Shelly, and Charlie find themselves up for elimination.  Charlie’s swiftly sent packing.  Gordon pulls a mean switcheroo on Shelly and Amanda, telling Shelly to say goodnight… to Amanda, as she’s been eliminated.

We’ve lost a lot of home cooks these last couple of weeks!  I’m excited for the next mystery box challenge to see what those left standing can do.

Happy birthday, MasterChef!


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