MasterChef: The Steaks are High in Vegas

Get it?  Steaks and stakes.  Heh.  I’m actually surprised the episode title didn’t take this horrible pun before I did.  Well, we were randomly in Vegas this week on MasterChef!  And randomly, Dan had to leave suddenly and without explanation.  Moving swiftly on, as the episode did.

Steven and Shelly are team captains.  Since Steven had the best dish, he can either pick his entire team, or pick proteins for both teams.  The protein choices are lobster or chicken tenders.  Steven decides to pick his team, so Shelly will pick the protein.  Of course, Steven is playing mind games and knows Shelly will go with chicken… which she does!

Steven chooses Amanda, Charlie, Jesse, Sarah, Olivia, Tommy, Kerry, and Nick for his Red team.  Too bad for Shelly, her top picks all get snatched up by Steven.  Her Blue team consists of Claudia, Christopher, Hetal, Veronica, Ailsa, Katrina, and Derrick.  Steven is a decisive, slightly scary leader.  His team is properly inspired and behind him.  Shelley has a chicken idea and won’t hear any of the feedback from her team.  I’m a little embarrassed for Shelly who called her roulade a remoulade… which is a sauce.  The chicken roulade idea is too time consuming and nothing is ready at the start of service.

IMG_1648 IMG_1647

Halfway through service, Blue hasn’t served a single plate.  Derrick steps up as pinch-hitter team captain.  Graham notes that Christopher is the only one cooking and Derrick is the only one plating; you could get rid of the rest of the team.  Once the chicken gets to the diners, a lot of them say it’s worth the wait.  Tommy is a mess on the line when it comes to plating.  He later burns potatoes and is sent to wash dishes.  Red finishes early.  Blue doesn’t get to serve 8 plates.  Each of the 101 performers casts a vote.  The winner only wins by 3 votes.  That team is Red!

Only four members of the Blue team have to face the pressure test.  Shelly, as team captain, is one of those four and tasked to chose the other 3.  She picks Hetal, Veronica, and Katrina.  WOW.

The pressure test will be at Gordon Ramsay Steak judged by Gordon Ramsay himself.  Oh, and it’s actually two pressure tests.  In the first part, Gordon will request a steak: NY Strip medium rare.  He will pick the two best without knowing who cooked them.  The worst two face part 2 of the pressure test.  Derrick’s is perfect.  Christopher’s tastes better than it looks, but it’s rare and hasn’t been seared right… he knew that though.  Ailsa’s looks really bad and is raw.  I can’t believe Gordon ate it.  Claudia’s is slightly under, but the sear is good.  Derrick & Claudia’s clear them from the next test.  Gordon then requests a rare filet mignon.  That sounds so intimidating to cook!  Christopher obviously thinks so too because he gets way too in his head.  Gordon tastes Ailsa’s first– it’s slightly under and cold in a spot, but looks nice.  Christopher’s, which looked disastrous going from pan to over, back to pan and then on fire, looks perfect inside.  He ends up having the slight edge, sending Ailsa home.

After watching him work so hard during the team challenge, I was on the edge of my seat for Christopher to pull this one out!  I can’t wait for next week’s Mystery Box Challenge!

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