Orange is the New Black season 3


I was tired last Thursday night.  I was seconds away from switching of Netflix for the evening in favor of sleep when I was alerted to the early release of season 3 of Orange is the New Black.  Suddenly, I wasn’t so tired anymore!  I only got an episode in that night, but I had a proper binge over the weekend.  How on earth do I forget how AMAZING this show is?!  I loved this season, as I do every season.  Guys, I freaking love this show!

I don’t know how I’ll survive a whole year again, but since I’ve done it twice before… I suppose I’ll make it.  Until then, I have three things to say about season 3!

  1. Why is Red not everybody’s favorite character?!  She is the freaking best.  I have loved Red since season 1, but my love for her is off the charts right now.  She can properly take the title of my favorite character in this show.  She’s tough, but so sweet.  Can we start a Red Reznikov fan club?  I’m completely obsessed with Red right now and I never want to lose this feeling.
  2. I loved Morello since I first saw her, with her charming but wacky accent.  I was shocked to learn her backstory last season.  I couldn’t be happier to see Yael Stone promoted to a genuine credited regular!  And she was definitely utilized.  We got more Morello this season and she was hilarious! Since we know her better, we can truly appreciate the happiness she achieved this season.
  3. I’m concerned about Nicky.  Somebody please tell me Natasha Lyonne is coming back for season 4.  Lie to me if you have time.  With that swift exist, I was wondering when and if Nicky would come back all season.  I’m worried more than ever now that she didn’t.

What were your favorite moments from season 3?

For some of my favorite moments & my episode-by-episode thoughts, (reassembled from cryptic notes I took on my phone while watching,) check below!


[1] Mother’s Day | I thought it was interesting that the first thing that Morello does is get caught in a lie. I wonder if this will be explored more this season. It was cool to see the whole prison get so excited for the kids’ visits. I was sad for Suzanne, who was not allowed outside. I cried when Ruiz was told she wouldn’t see her daughter anymore.

[2] Bed Bugs and Beyond | Bennett is really cute and all, and I love that he proposed. I really want there to be a happy ending for him and Daya, but I just can’t see one. Caesar is, rather surprisingly, super nice. Also, unpopular opinion: I totally don’t care about Alex and Piper.

[3] Empathy is a Boner Killer | Obviously Nicky stole her own drugs. I knew I didn’t like the way she was looking at them. Her sentence to max was so sudden, I barely realized what happened! I really, really need her to come back. Red actually manages to make me not hate Healy.

[4] Finger in the Dyke | This Pennsatucky/Boo friendship has gotten so endearing! They are really such unlikely friends, but Penn is completely different this season. I never knew I could like her. It’s nice to get some Boo backstory too. Man, did her parents suck.

[5] Fake It Til You Make Some | I’m more interested in Flaca than ever before now, too. It’s crazy to think that she is so young! I love learning why these girls are here. I’m very interested in Soso’s loneliness, too. Speaking of which, I laughed at Leanne’s sudden outburst of German! The Red/Healy thing was starting to freak me out. I was relieved to learn the object of her affection was actually the kitchen!

[6] Ching Chong Chang | I hadn’t read the book when I watched this episode. If I had, I would’ve known the Martha Stewart trial was actually going on during Piper Kerman’s time in prison. Chang’s storyline made me very sad because my face totally looked like that with the cystic acne until like, a couple years ago. I love Morello’s little scene slash cycle of dates. I love that her favorite anime artist is Dayanara Diaz. AND I LOVE THAT RED IS BACK IN THE KITCHEN.

[7] Tongue-Tied | Wow, I never thought we’d find out why Norma doesn’t speak. Her backstory is honestly fascinating. The young version of her looked so beautiful looking up into the sun with big, full eyes on her wedding day. The casting on this show is excellent. RED IS BACK IN CHARGE. Knew that wouldn’t take long.

[8] Fear, and Other Smells | Morello is completely hilarious this season. So glad she’s playing a larger role! For a second, I thought Danny turned out to be not such a bad guy… but then he kind of is. If he just shared information and worked as a team with Caputo, things would be better. Caputo’s song was actually so good!

[9] Where My Dreidel At | And all of the sudden, it’s very clear why Leanne knew German. Another absolutely fascinating backstory! I’m already matching Soso up with Poussey in my head. They both need someone right now. Pennsatucky/Coates TAKES A TURN. It went from cute to ugly real fast.  This Aussie chick is hot.

[10] A Tittin’ and A Hairin’ | Pennsatucky is a different character this season now that we know that no one ever taught her she was worth, or treated her with respect. Sad. At this point, I am not understanding Gloria’s rage toward Sophia– she was doing her a favor by bringing her son too. Suzanne and Morello’s sex talk is hilarious. Red’s ratatouille makes me smile.

[11] We Can Be Heroes | Has anyone led a sadder like than Joe Caputo? He seems like such a well meaning man, but if he hasn’t learned by now that he can’t take care of everyone but himself, when will he? Boo protecting Penn (or trying to) is so precious! Love this friendship.

[12] Don’t Make Me Come Back There | Daya has her baby! So, it’s been at least 9 months since Piper’s been in prison, if anyone’s keeping track. Caputo sees the chicken! I’m dying. AND THE CORN. Okay, I went from thinking Healy/Red was creepy to totally shipping it in his moments of sadness and sniffing her kitchen whites. I love that he thought of her and she thought of him.

[13] Trust No Bitch | Religion plays a really interesting role throughout this episode. Even though Cindy was a pain in the ass all season, I loved that she got her mitzvah! And I knew Vincent was the guy for Morello! He caught her in a lie and totally didn’t care. These two are great together. This wedding was too cute and oh goodness Red and Healy. So sweet. We’re left with: Caesar getting nabbed by the DEA leaving Daya’s baby caretaker-less and the Judy King storyline… until next season!

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