All the Questions in the 7 Kingdoms

I wasn’t going to do this, but that season finale of Game of Thrones just haunted me. I’m just going to say it: that was the worst season finale this show has subjected us to. It’s got nothing to do with the cliffhangers, but with the sheer number of atrocities. It had me asking myself why I watch this show.

To me, nothing suits this episode better than the mood of this scene.  So, now what?

To me, nothing suits this episode better than the mood of this scene. So, now what?

Obviously, something right is happening because I’m still going to watch. It’s amazing how high we can fly with an episode like “A Dance with Dragons,” and how low we can sink with “Mother’s Mercy.” Game of Thrones fans are used to atrocities. Hey, I’m a Whedon fan; I’m used to characters I love dying! Something about this episode just made the Red Wedding feel easy to swallow. The question remains: were we left with any hope this season?

And actually I have a lot of questions.  Spoilers below!

Why do I care about Myrcella’s death?

Myrcella has been more active this season than any other. Other than a brief stint at Winterfell, we’ve only seen her this season. She seemed sweet, but we really didn’t get to know her. We know she fell in love. We know her life was in danger.

It’s Jamie who’d earned my love, against all odds. Anyone that loves Cersei is probably insane, but Jamie has proven to GoT fans that he can think for himself. He tells Myrcella that we don’t chose who we love. He tries to tell her that he is her father, but she knows and she is glad. They embrace and the moment is ruined with Myrcella’s untimely death.  Y’all, I knew that kiss wasn’t right. Do I care about Myrcella because I care about Jamie? I think it’s more than she got a nice, genuine human moment. And then all of her humanity was gone. Sad.

Why did I want that walk of shame to end so badly?

I know that Cersei is easily the least likeable character now that her son is dead. You can’t trust a word that she says. I didn’t feel bad for her for being locked up at all. When “Mother’s Milk” even brought her storyline up, I was a bit annoyed. I don’t want to see Cersei; I don’t care about Cersei.

I must admit, watching them cut all of her hair off was hard. If there is one good thing about Cersei, it’s her hair. I will seriously miss that hair. Was that walk of shame deserved? Um, probably… but it was still the hardest thing to watch about this episode. Lots of bad shit happened, but that walk was rough! It might have done the impossible: made me feel bad for Cersei.

At least the Stark sisters are alive?

Arya’s an assassin, but she is definitely not nobody. She wanted Meryn Trant to know who she was. She wanted revenge. And she paid for it with her sight. That’s a bummer for the only character who was kind of doing okay.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Sansa, who was definitely not doing okay. I think she maybe had the best episode out of all the characters. Theon finally helped her— he pushed Myranda to her death (so satisfying!) and they jump from a turret of Winterfell to escape the Boltons. I assume the snow broke their fall and they are okay. Poor Sansa; I thought she was going to have a better season.

Dany & co. are the cool kids.  (Not a question; a statement of fact)

I was going to say that the crew in Meereen had an awesome episode last week… but they didn’t really, did they? They just had an awesome ending in which a dragon saved Daenerys. But Drogo is tired this episode and Dany is stranded with no idea where she might be. This leaves Missandei, Grey Worm (nice to have you back, buddy!), and newcomer Tyrion the de factor rulers of the city of Meereen. (And Varys!  He’s shown up now.)  Daario and Jorah venture out to find Dany. Dany’s situation gets more uncertain as hordes of Dothraki surround her. I kind of think things could be worse, though. She’s still a Khaleesi in my mind!

Oh, can we talk about Stannis for a hot second?

Literally what was the point of Stannis? His storyline was boring all season long. His army was doomed to fail, and fail it did. He sacrificed his poor, smart, adorable daughter, the Princess Shireen. His wife killed herself out of guilt. He maybe died? I’m not sure about this one. It’s not like I have no sympathy for Stannis, despite my outrage and disgust at his decision to follow Milisandre’s counsel and sacrifice Shireen. If Stannis did die at Brienne of Tarth’s hand, there was absolutely no point to any of this. Don’t waste my time, Game of Thrones.

Would you like to know the true reason for all my rage?

I wouldn’t have had the reaction to this episode I did if it weren’t for that ending. All of the other deaths (or potential deaths) could have come and gone and I would’ve been fine. Jon Snow, seemingly the only person in Westeros who is looking out for the good of the land, is another story. It was really this ending that set me off. Hey, Night’s Watch? You’re all a bunch of idiots. Jon Snow freaking brought you an army of people to help. Who cares if you don’t like those people? And freaking Olly? You little shit. Why are adults listening to you? Good luck with the White Walkers, all of you.

It seems generally accepted that Jon Snow is not really dead and gone forever, but may I return to my previous point: WHAT IS THE POINT? Like, if you kill every main character in every storyline, what is this show even about? That is a good question.


Apparently I had a lot of thoughts about the Game of Thrones season 5 finale. Now I want to hear yours! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts, feelings, and theories on the finale & what’s to come!


  1. Stannis’s death is the ONLY part of his season that has a point because it set Brienne down the road to fulfilling her oath’s (after all that’s the name of her sword!) But yeah, this whole season felt a bit futile, I totally agree.

    1. I just don’t know why we needed to see him struggle all season long if he was just going to fail and die. I’d love to see Brienne do something useful too, so now I think that could be a good thing!

  2. This made me crack up! I share your feelings towards Olly. That little shit. Jon trusted you! And how’d he repay him? With a dagger. Oh boy I hope Jon Snow comes back as a White Walker and kills you first.

    This season was painfully slow, practically glacial. Stannis, Jaime, Dany, they all moved without really going anywhere. Stannis was defeated yet again. Jaime lost his daughter, rendering the whole storyline in Dorne pretty much pointless, and Dany flew away only to get lost again. I, too, found myself wondering why I keep watching this show. It’s one thing to show us what kind of world this is. It’s another thing entirely to test our patience. They say winter is coming, and we do see it. But what we all want to see is for winter to come for the people who so clearly deserve it (I’m looking at you, Boltons). Of all the people who died in the finale, and Ramsay is still alive? Something’s wrong there.

    Anyway, great read and very funny. Much appreciated. So much feels and so many questions after the finale that I can hardly keep my mind straight.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

      Great point about the whole Dorne storyline. Nothing happened there. Why did we need to see that? That’s where I’m at right now: are these scenes we’re seeing going to add up to anything? But yes, many feels and many questions until next season!

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