Day: June 15, 2015

Clone Club Catch-Up: In London Town

This is a Siobhan Sadler appreciation post.  No really; y’all know I love me some S and I was dying during this little musical performance which tied in nicely to “Insolvent Phantom Of Tomorrow.”

Get it, girl!

Get it, girl!

It was nice to see S, Fe, and Sarah function as a family unit.  The foster kids both really enjoyed S’s performance too!  But moving on– they were here on some important business: to locate and eliminate the original Castor.  A couple of S’s confidants get murdered by Ferdinand along the way, but the end sure does pay off.  So, clones?  Clones.

Alison is out of the picture most of the episode, but her storyline does advance thanks to Donnie, who awakens to his wife’s phone call after getting beaten up in Bubbles.  His nightmare is not over as– I can’t believe I don’t have a better way to say this– a drug rep comes to collect.  (That is, a representative of the drug overload; not a pharmaceutical salesmen.)  Donnie doesn’t have the pills, so he takes the tank of Helena’s eggs because “it looks important.”

Helena is living the life and is my personal character winner of this episode.  I am not really a big Helena fan, but she was just too hilarious in this episode to ignore!  From encouraging Gemma as a tiny warrior to her time making soap and jamming out, you’ve got to love Helena.  When she finds out the drug lords have her babies, she nears panic.  Donnie promises to get them back.  He returns the pills, gets the tank, and asks for a refund, which is not received well.  Helena comes in dresses as Alison.  “What’s wrong with your voice?” they ask her.  She says she has a cold.  Donnie adds that it’s a bad one that messes with her syntax.  I die.

Instead of a refund, the drug people threaten Oscar and Gemma, which seals their fate with Helena.

Straight out of Mortal Kombat, Helena "gets refund."

Straight out of Mortal Kombat, Helena “gets refund.”

Alison comes home surprised to learn that they’ve come into some money!

Cosima‘s suspicions of Shay have been aroused.  She returns to Delphine now that things aren’t adding up.  Delphine and some Dyad folks straight up threaten to torture Shay, who knows nothing.  Gracie calls Cosima to apologize– she turned the information over to Castor to be reunited with Mark.  Cosima makes a call to Delphine just in time.  We can see from the preview of next week’s episode that Shay does live to see another day.

Sarah, despite seeing Terry die, doesn’t want to give up on finding the Castor original.  She snags Terry’s phone and calls the mysterious provider of info pretending to be S.  This leads Felix and her to Kendall Malone.  Sarah goes into Malone’s house to eliminate him… but it’s a her.  And she has a knife.  Then S comes in.  Kendall Malone is actually her mother who reveals she absorbed a male twin in the womb– she is the original Castor DNA and Leda.

Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, eh guys?  What did you think about this episode?!