MasterChef: Savory or Sweet Corn

With 19 home cooks still in the MasterChef kitchen, there are still people for us to get to know.  There’s Justin, an 18-year-old high school student and the youngest home cook in the kitchen.  Then of course, there are some contestants we still have a lot to learn about.  There’s Olivia, who we’ve seen struggling for these last couple of weeks, but turns out to be hilarious!

It’s also the first Mystery Box Challenge in which all home cooks get the same ingredients!  I guess in this instance, it’s ingredient.  When they pick up their boxes, there’s a bunch of live crabs underneath!  This is thrilling to some, like Amanda from Seattle and Jesse and Charlie from Louisiana.  Crab is troubling for others, like Hetal the vegetarian and Olivia who has never worked with live crab before.  Olivia knows what questions to ask about her ingredient, though, and it’s nice to see Gordon teach her where the meat is.

The dishes the judges taste are:


The crab cakes belong to Amanda.  Gordon thinks they could use more granny smith apple, which Graham suggests spice.  That middle dish is crab cakes Benedict and is prepared by Olivia!  Look at how pretty!  The soup is Jesse’s product and he wins the challenge!

Jesse is exempt from the challenge.  He doesn’t go into the pantry to determine his competitors’ fates, either.  Instead, the golden ingredient for the main challenge is revealed to him and he assigns either sweet or savory to his competitors.  Armed with their baskets, plain for savory or with a bow for sweet, the home cooks enter the pantry to see CORN!

I contemplate whether there’s any corn in my house that I can eat while it sinks in how difficult it would be to do a sweet dish with corn as the star.  Ready for the results?


  • Stephen’s corn tamale | Stephan bullied Jesse into giving him a savory basket after Jesse said he’d send him home if he could pick.  His dish was out of the box and great!
  • Veronica’s corn crème brûlée | It has the signature crème brûlée crack, but the technique is just totally lacking.
  • Tommy’s corn panna cotta | Not only is Tommy’s dish beautiful, it seriously impresses Christina Tosi!
  • Claudia’s sweet corn tamale | Despite being a little dense, Claudia’s tamales employed great technique and beautiful presentation.
  • Charlie’s grits | Gordon makes a vulgar and obvious rhyme about said grits.  Poor Charlie.
  • Justin’s profiteroles | This one’s rough.  The dough is undercooked, the filling too sweet, and worst of all– he used canned corn instead of fresh!
  • Shelly’s shrimp tacos | Are these not the most beautiful tacos you’ve ever seen?  The judges think so too.  They’re also delicious!

Stephen and Shelly are crowned winners and team captains for next week’s challenge!  The bottom three are Veronica, Charlie (Chicago anyone?!), and Justin.  Charlie is the lesser of three evils and he’s sent back to his work station.  The oldest and the youngest are on the chopping block, and it’s Justin who’s sent home.  Jesse, the judges, and I too agree– canned corn has no place in MasterChef!

What did you think?

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