Day: June 11, 2015

HK14: Winner Chosen!

Credit: Patrick Wymore/Fox via US Weekly

Credit: Patrick Wymore/Fox via US Weekly

So Hell’s Kitchen season 14 has a winner and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Atlantic City has a new chef– Meghan!  So how did we get here?

Final Four

Yup, I’m an episode behind.  So before T and Meghan battled it out, there were four.  Milly and Michelle were still in the mix.  There was the first ever (for real!) Hell’s Kitchen vegetarian challenge.  Meghan FINALLY won one!  She took T along for her reward which included parasailing!

All of the chefs get a reward in the forms of their family visiting.  Michelle sees her boyfriend and sister.  Meghan’s mom comes.  T gets to see her girlfriend and daughter.  Milly is visited by his girlfriend and son, Milly Jr!

Then dinner service is upon us and each chef takes a turn at the pass.  Sous Chef Andi prepares quality control tests for each of them.  Milly misses his first one saying Chef Andi’s lobster risotto was delicious… it was, but it was crab in there instead of lobster!  Meghan misses hers too mistaking sea bass for halibut.  Michelle misses hers too, not realizing that broccoli has been switched in for cauliflower.  T is the only one who spots her well catching lamb in what should’ve been a beef Wellington.

It’s hard to see Milly go because he has such a good heart.  Even Michelle grew on me, especially with her Harry Potter reference in this episode.  It is nice to see two girls in the finale.  Meghan and T are the

Top Two

Alright, this episode was cute.  First, T and Meghan take a trip to Vegas with season 13 winner, Christina.  After that, Chef Ramsay sends his Rolls Royce to take them to “his house.”  They are greeted by Tana and Tilly (could Chef Ramsay’s youngest daughter be any freakin’ cuter?!) and there are pictures of Ramsay’s family around and everything… but it isn’t his house!  It’s the scene of the final challenge.

T and Meghan get an hour to prepare 5 dishes: a cold appetizer, a hot appetizer, a fish dish, a chicken dish, and a beef dish.  Five guest judges come to taste a course apiece and score them out of 10.  The judges include the likes of Hubert Keller and Wolfgang Puck!  T wins the challenge and gets to pick her brigade first.

T’s red brigade includes Milly, Nick, Adam, and Christine.  Meghan’s blue brigade includes Michelle, Alison, Josh, and Randy.  Neither Meghan not T are in their old colors, though–  they are given their executive chef jackets before service!  And they cook!

As usual, the winner is announced by the opening of a door.  I can’t say I was surprised when I saw Meghan’s door open.  She was consistent throughout.  I think I’d have preferred T, to be honest, but she was so gracious at the end saying she doesn’t feel like she lost, just that her opportunity hasn’t arrived yet.

What did you all think of this season of HK?!