Nicole’s Essential Summer Shoes

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Lovely weather we’re having!  In spite of our sporadic chilly days in this typical New England climate, it’s really feeling like summer!  My jackets are away and my shoe choices have transitioned exclusively to the five you see above.  These are my must-haves for summer!

1. Jack Rogers Nicola | I ordered these in platinum/gold last month off the Jack Rogers website.  This color combo appears to have already sold out, but you can still snag them in silver/gold!  This is my first pair of Jacks and I’m still breaking them in.  I love how easy they are to dress up and dress down!

2. Toms | I bought these black slip-ons, my second paid of Toms, this year.  My chocolate brown pair still sits in my closet, but they aren’t in great shape.  They have been an integral part of my spring, summer, and fall wardrobe for years.  When I saw a black pair in my size at Urban, I jumped at them!  They’ve already gotten a ton of wear.

3. Keds Polka Dot Sneakers | This is my first pair of Keds as an adult!  I definitely rocked some classic white Keds as a 90s kids, and I’ve been loving similar styles of sneakers for the last few years.  I’ve picked up knock-off pairs from H&M, American Eagle, and Target.  This year, I went ahead and ordered these adorable chocolate polka dot sneaks on sale from the Keds site!

4. Sperry Topsiders | Boat shoes are great for the summer rain.  My first pair of Sperrys was an impulse purchase at DSW in college.  I’ve been in love ever since.  I got these at the Sperry Outlet in Wrentham a couple years ago, but there are plenty of other fun styles to choose from!  Find some here.

5. Steve Madden Jelly Ballet Flats | These jelly flats are literally my favorites– the perfect mix of nostalgia and style.  I bought them two years ago at Nordstrom Rack for literally $10.  I live Steve Madden shoes and was so happy to learn that these plastic shoes didn’t hurt my feet at all.  There’s a new sort of breaking in phase every summer, but I get the most compliments on these babies!  It looks like they’re still selling them, so I definitely recommend you pick some up!

What are your favorite summer shoes?!


  1. YESSSSSSSSSS! I’m of a similar shoe vein. I just got my first pair of adult Keds too (I went with the red! Omg though, the chocolate polka dots are adorable!) I’ve also had the Target knock offs for a while, though, and get a lot of use out of them (they’re navy blue). My main pair of shoes, though, are my galaxy Vans from Journeys…I get loads of compliments on them, and if I could only have one pair of shoes, I think it might be them! And I just got some high top Converse as well (in the dark gray color). I’d like to get a pair of Sperrys before the year is out…I didn’t think about how they’d be good for rainy weather, but hey there’s another reason for me to get them! And I’m also hoping to get some Toms, too, but I can’t decide between the black or chocolate–having both, which do you feel has been more useful?

    1. I used to loveeee my Vans! Got so much use out of them. I think I have the same high top Converse as you too! Definitely get some Sperrys; you won’t regret it. Though I probably love my chocolate brown Vans more, the black ones just go with more. They’re the more useful color. Let me know what you go with!

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