Day: June 4, 2015

HK14: Final Five

I’ve only just realized that I’m an episode behind thanks to a double a couple of week’s back.  We’ll make up ground, don’t you worry!


This week’s (for nikkisee purposes!) Hell’s Kitchen featured the final five chefs in black jackets: it’s just T, Meghan, Michelle, Milly, and Nick.  Now that there are so few, we got out first true individual challenge!  The chefs come downstairs to a private orchestra concert put on by students from UCLA.  Each chef is charged with creating and serving a small plate for all the guests.

  • T tries to play to her crowd by serving lobster.
  • Michelle makes a meatball.
  • Nick makes chicken skewers.
  • Meghan makes lamb lollipops.
  • Milly makes Cajun shrimp hush puppies.

The serve on color-coded plates, but get to work the room.  Chef Ramsay actually doesn’t taste their dishes.  Instead, it’s all up to the guests’ votes!  Ramsay announces last place first.  With only 3% of the votes, that distinction belongs to T.  He then announces the winner with 53% of the votes: Milly!  He does mention that Meghan came in second with 18% of the votes.  Everyone is happy for Milly’s win because he is just so likeable!  For a reward, he takes a helicopter tour of LA.  He gets to bring someone with him and picks T.  Meghan is mad at this because 1.) she came in second and 2.) she’s never ever left to enjoy a reward.  That says something about you, if you ask me, Meghan.

Dinner service as the black team does not go as well as it did the week prior.  Though the dining room is, as usual, filled with celebrities, (hey, Charo!) there are also two special diners: sous chefs Andi and James, who Ramsay has given the night off.  Each black jacket chef takes a turn being his sous chef.

  • Milly starts the night off in the sous chef position.  With Michelle on fish, he catches a scallop problem and does well.  He then switches places with Michelle for her turn.
  • Honestly, Michelle is annoying at the pass.  She keeps yelling “pick it up!” over and over and over.  She catches the same scallop problem from Milly before handing the job over to Meghan.
  • Meghan does well, as expected.  Milly once again has problems with scallops that earns the group a trip to the walk-in with Chef Ramsay.  Nick has some problems on meat too.
  • T’s turn also goes well.  The scallop problems are fixed.  Nick’s problems are not.  T calls out the all-day and an order that Ramsay’s called out 4 times… somehow, Nick missed all of them.
  • When T takes over Nick’s station, it’s a disaster.  Nothing is there, nothing is ready.  It’s 12+ minutes on orders because they’ve not been started.  They run out of Wellingtons because of Nick’s mistakes.

It’s obvious to the team that Nick should go up for elimination.  Nobody wants to send Milly, even though he’s the obvious second choice.  They pick Michelle “by process of elimination.”  Ramsay doesn’t accept this and brings Milly and Nick up.  Nick is eliminated.

We’ll cover the final four AND the winner next week!