Day: June 2, 2015

Game of Thrones: Hardhome


How could I not talk about Hardhome? This was definitely the best episode we’ve seen this season! Though I’m not usually one for the epic battle scenes, (sensory overload! wait, who just died?!) this one did so much for the plot. Let’s talk about some of the quieter moments.

The Gift

How interesting is it to see Tyrion and Daenerys interact?! It’s easy to forget that the main characters of this show don’t know each other the way we know them all. Tyrion and Dany are two consistent favorites. We love how smart Tyrion is– killing those who are devoted to you is a terrible way to inspire devotion. We love seeing Dany achieve success as a rising queen. Their partnership should be mutually beneficial. We all can’t wait to see more of this.

Brothers & Sisters

It’s easy to believe, as the Westerosi say, that the Stark family is gone. Ned and Catelyn are indeed good, but the only Stark child to join in their fate is Robb. We’ve still got 4 Stark siblings! (Plus Jon Snow, but more on him later.)

Sansa is installed in the North, but things are not going well for her. She asks Theon why he betrayed her to Ramsay. Reek tells her he was helping; there is no way out. He tells her what became of Theon. Sansa is unsympathetic, saying she would still have a family if it weren’t for Theon. Then Reek lets it slip that he didn’t actually kill Bran and Rickon. Sansa now has hope that they are alive and out there.

Also alive and out there, and quickly shedding her name of Stark is budding-assassin, Arya. She becomes Lana with her oyster cart and gets her first target. This is slow moving at the moment, but oh so interesting.

Cold As Ice

And Jon! Wow, has Jon risen. It was actually so interesting last week for Sansa to have learned that her half-brother is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jon has more to worry about that the dwindling Starks, though.

He travels to Hardhome with Tormund to bring the wildlings south of the wall and join them when the dead attack. They speak with the elders, show them the dragonglass. The free folk are divided, though. We briefly meet Karsi, who is in favor of following Snow. The Thenn leader is not having any of it. As Karsi loads her children and some of the free folk into the boats, there is a rumbling in the snowy mountains and the army of the dead attack.

It’s brutal and crazy. Karsi gets killed by wight children. The lone giant squishes them under his feet, hilariously. Many more free folk jump to the boats to escape the White Walkers. Jon runs to get the dragonglass, but doesn’t get to grab it as he battles a very official looking White Walker. His sword, Valyrian Steel, doesn’t break. The White Walker is as surprised as Jon is. Jon them shatters the White Walker into a million crystalline shards. We see now it’s dragonglass and dragonsteel that defeats these suckers!

Even with the minor victory, the damage is devastating and Jon retreats to the last boat away from Hardhome. In the most spectacular, eerie scene, the king-like White Walker stares him down as he floats away, then raises his arms. The army of the dead rise on command. It’s safe to say this is a bigger threat than any war of kings.

Alright, this episode was amazing. Tell me you agree!