Clone Club Catch-Up: Planet Alison

“Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” brought me what I’ve been dying for all season: the reunion of Fe and Alison!  I so enjoyed their friendship last season.  This episode brought Alison’s campaign front and center pulling in some other characters, finally!  First, though, we start with:

Sarah and Helena who are playing wild wild west.  They are waiting for Benjamin, S’s contact. Sarah, it seems, has somewhat forgiven S and is claiming they are on their side through Helena’s desire to kill S.  Who walks in then?  S in a cowboy hat.  Sorry, this woman is such a badass.  Sarah makes an exit prompted by the server so Helena and S can work things out.  Said server also takes away Helena’s knife.  There is a bit of a physical altercation in which S hits Helena, but immediately regrets it and pulls her into a hug.  It’s okay, she tells her, you’re with family.

The rest of the episode pretty much takes place on Planet Alison.  Fe dons pinks and becomes her campaign manager for school trustee.  It’s a big day for Alison, though.  First, she and Donnie stop by Bubbles to get her mother to sign it over.  Her mother is not willing at the moment and needs time to read the paperwork.  While Alison gives her speech and hands in her envelope of signatures, Donnie takes an envelope of $30,000 with Jason to his people.  They’ve switched envelops, though, causing a heap of trouble for Donnie.


Scott spends some time with Rachel who helps him decode the book under the guise of learning a medieval crop game.  She’ll only reveal the answers to Sarah, though.

Delphine comes to see Cosima who is with Shay.  Shay hides out while Delphine tells Cosima that she needs another urine sample.  Cosima avoids at all costs trying to get Alison to give her some.  She gets pulled into Alison’s campaign, having to dress as her to the photo op and even start to give her speech.  There are more issues, though, in that Alison’s mom shows up there too.  Alison must navigate an envelop switch, her clone, and her mother and Jason.  Jason kisses Cosima thinking it’s Alison.

The switch is made and the drop is made in time for Donnie to keep his face intact and for Alison to swap in for Cosima on her speech.  The speech wins over Alison’s mom who awards her her vote and the signed Bubbles paperwork.  This all takes place in the bathroom where Cosima is hiding out.  As Alison’s mother drops heavy hints that Alison should upgrade from Donnie to Jason, Alison decides it’s time to introduce her to Cosima.


It’s hilarious, and Alison’s mom is utterly unconvinced that they are clones… or even the same race.  S and Sarah have fully made up and it looks like the whole Clone Club is getting back together… plus Rachel!  Of course, there’s a sour note at the end when Cosima tells Shay she has a serious medical condition and starts bleeding badly.

Things are really getting great, though.  I’m looking forward to seeing the girls back together!  What did you think?


  1. I absolutely loved this episode! It’s easily my favorite so far this season. I choose a screen capture from the same scene you did for my post. Great minds. It took me forever to figure out where I’d seen the actress playing Alison’s mother. She’s from Little Mosque on the Prairie.

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