MasterChef: Easy as Apple Pie

Ahh, I can’t even  explain how happy I am to have MasterChef back in my life.  Two words, friends: food pictures.  Get ready for ’em.

Now, if you’re new to MasterChef the show has an alternating format.  (Find out what that means over here.)  This week’s episode started with a Mystery Box Challenge.  This mystery box had a bit of a twist, though!  Instead of all using the same ingredients, each home cook got a different mystery box.  Yup, 22 boxes of different ingredients.  Everyone seemed super happy because these ingredients were the things they left in their fridges when they left for MasterChef!  Veronica is the only one not excited, because she cooks a lot of different things at home and her ingredients didn’t quite go together.  Anyway, the home cooks get to work.  Gordon, Graham, and Christina taste as they cook and choose their top three for a final taste.  They select:

Katrina, Dan, and Hetal

Katrina, Dan, and Hetal

Out of those three, they pick a winner: Dan!  He gets a major advantage in the Elimination Test.  In the pantry, Christina has prepared an elaborate and drool-worthy display of desserts, but explains that she will be asking each home cook to bake an apple pie for its technical merits.  Dan doesn’t have to cook, but gets another advantage.  He comes out with a bag of apples and hands them out to some of the home cook– these people also don’t have to cook and are safe!  Only nine home cooks remain to bake apple pie.

Results are fairly good, especially for a baking challenge!  Here’s how the 9 do:


(L to R, top to bottom)

  • There were initial doubts about Veronica’s pie with it’s graham cracked crushed into the crust.  She calls it a simply apple pie, eliciting a laugh for Gordon.  It turns out to be delicious!
  • Christopher used 5 tbsp on corn starch to make his bourbon thick.  He talks himself in circles, gets defensive, borderline insults Chef Ramsay until Ramsay finally tells him he’s funny and he was trying to get him to lighten up!  His pie is absolutely delicious.
  • The same can not be said for Olivia’s pie.  The goat cheese was a bad choice.  Christina suggests it could’ve worked with ricotta or mascarpone.
  • Derek’s pie is delicious, but there aren’t enough apples.
  • Steven’s pie has a delicious apple filling, but the crust tastes raw.
  • Charlie too has a good filling and a lovely crust, but lacks technique.
  • Mateo’s pie crumbles as Gordon cuts into it.  The slice falls apart on the fork.  The apples are too thick and crust too thin, and the flavor isn’t about the apples.
  • Graham calls Sarah’s pie a slice of autumn!  Other words he uses are “textbook,” and “delicious!”
  • Brianna’s pie is very, very watery.  Christina likens it to apple soup.

The winner of the apple pie challenge is Christopher!  Remember this for next week, kids.  Then of course, there’s bad news too.  Olivia, Mateo, and Brianna are called out for the bottom three.  Mateo and Brianna are eliminated.

With 20 home cooks still in the kitchen, it’s anyone’s game!  We really haven’t even met everyone yet.  I can’t wait for more!  Who’s with me?

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