Day: May 28, 2015

HK14: Taste It, Make It

The six chefs in Hell’s Kitchen are all looking great in black!  They come downstairs to an elaborate chemistry set up.  Chef Ramsay holds six test tube with the essence of flavors in each.  He hands them out to the chefs to see if they can identify them.  Michelle can’t quite get enchilada from hers, but it’s obvious once Ramsay tells her.  Josh guesses correctly that his is pumpkin pie.  Meghan comes close calling her cheeseburger as steak and cheese.  Nick says roast beef at first, but quickly realizes his is spaghetti and meatballs and corrects himself.  Finally, Milly is able to easily identify lasagna.  Of course, that wasn’t the challenge.

It’s Taste It, Make It!  The chefs pair up for this challenge and they choose their partners.  Nick & Michelle identify the components of Ramsay’s dish as sea bass, a splash of soy sauce in the broth, and lobster in the dumplings.  Milly and T identify the components of the dish as sea bass, sake in the broth, and shrimp in the dumplings.  Finally, Josh and Meghan go with halibut, sake, and lobster.

All the dishes turn out great, but Ramsay says that you must get the protein right to win.  This knocks out Josh and Meghan.  The broth will then decide the winner of the competition.  The soy sauce wins!  Meghan and Josh take a tour of Long Beach, CA in a car that drives right into the water and becomes a boat!  They then enjoy themselves on the Queen Mary where they take in a meal and a sunset.


The losers get a bit of a reward in their punishment.  They prepare 150 lbs of mashed potatoes for Midnight Mission.  Milly breaks down, remembering times where he had to turn to sure a charity.  All the chefs are happy to donate their time to the cause.  However, they also have to deal with HK’s recycling.  Through both parts of the punishment, Josh is characteristically terrible.  “We’ve already got to deal with trash, now we’ve got to deal with a dumb ass too?” vents Milly.

Josh’s dumb ass-ery does not end in punishment.  He’s fighting with the team right up through service prep.  Luckily for him, service has other distractions.  Michelle starts off with a stupid mistake, plating salads on plates instead on in bowls.  Nick sends a cold lobster tail causing Meghan to refire a risotto.  Tatum O’Neal joins the chef’s table and is honestly pretty awful.

Josh gets frazzled, though.  He makes all these weird noises and talks to himself to the point where Ramsay asks, “What’s wrong with that guy?”  He sets a huge fire.  He undercooks lamb and chicken, but fixes them and honestly his meat is pretty on par… save for the Wellington Tatum sends back.  She’s awful, though; that wasn’t his fault.

In spite of Josh’s craziness, service goes really well and Chef Ramsay is really pleased.  He doesn’t feel like sending anyone home, but of course, he must.  He tasks the chefs with nominating two among them.  Because there were so few mistakes, Josh and Michelle were really the only people to nominate for the evening.  Thankfully, Chef Ramsay finally eliminates Josh!  He’s been slipping lately, according to Ramsay, and his absence will definitely make the new black team stronger!

Are you as glad as I am that he’s gone?!

Any favorites for the win?