Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22


Tuxedo Mask, Endymion and Venus research Wiseman/Death Phantom.

So Chibiusa is seduced by evil, and Pluto knows right away that something is wrong.  A storm whips up and knocks her down; King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask run to her.  Tuxedo Mask follows the storm to find Chibiusa.

Usagi, meanwhile is wandering through the Dark Moon Castle.  She is weak, but determined.  I particularly enjoy that lightening strikes Prince Demande when he tries to lay a hand on her.  She is in search of her friends, and good lord has it been a long time since she’s seen Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury.  Venus was left alone in the super cool library.

I live for moments like these!  They remind me of the original anime in all its glory!

I live for moments like these! They remind me of the original anime in all its glory!

Usagi finds herself if front on Saphir and a reactor.  He launches into a typical villainous speech detailing how he and his brother, Demande, got hooked up with the Wiseman and the malefic black crystal and how the plan really got out of hand.  He even apologizes to her for his brother’s obsession.  Then the conversation takes a turn; he is furious at Usagi for Demande’s obsession with her and blames her.  He calls her a dreadful woman and the words wake something in Usagi– something pure in her that never wishes to do harm.  That’s our girl.  She is finally able to transform!  She then calls to her friends and helps them transform too.

Neo Queen Serenity even speaks through Sailor Moon to tell the Dark Moon Kingdom they’re doing it wrong.  They have a new ally; a dark pink, giggling shadow.  The senshi attack; poor Venus is still in the library.  The power of the legendary silver crystal reacts with the malefic black crystal and the castle starts to break down.  Rubeus made a run for it and the pink shadow over Wiseman/Death Phantom kills him.  The senshi finally reunite when Usagi channelling Neo Queen Serenity calls to Pluto for help.  Back at the door of Space Time and together again, they realize Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa are still missing.

Solid episode, though!  We finally got to see the show of power from Sailor Moon we’ve been waiting for!  We also got some comedy and some interesting plot developments.  What did you guys think?

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