Clone Club Catch-Up: Digging Up Dirt

This week’s Orphan Black, “Newer Elements of Our Defense,” advanced the plot in some satisfactory ways. The sisters, however, were entirely separated this time around. I’d like to see the Clone Club physically together soon, but until then:

Sarah spends her time with new brother Mark, who was not quite dead yet after all. Family bonding for these two means Sarah digging the bullet (courtesy of Bonnie) Mark’s leg. She learns that the Castor clones were all raised together, unlike the Leda clones. She also discovers that Henrik was Duncan’s lab assistant. Where, then, is the original Castor DNA? Oh, Henrik used that to make a son. Cool, right? That’s what leads to Mark and Sarah digging up the body of baby Abel in the Johanssen family cemetery. That’s when Rudy shows up and the two Castors turn on Sarah.

Speaking of the Johanssen family, Bonnie snatches Gracie until she loses the baby. Bonnie then decides Gracie is useless and kicks her out of the family. Now a free agent, she seems to be joining the Clone Club now.

Back to the sisters: Cosima is wallowing in post-Dephine sadness, but Felix won’t let her. He signs her up for an only dating site called Sapphire. Alison’s drug empire hits a snag when Donnie (who is completely hilarious this season!) realizes he’s being followed. Turns out the dealer behind Ramon’s business is Alison’s ex-boyfriend from high school. She charms him into letting her continue the business. She’s actually not lost sight of the campaign, but this storyline is funnier and more risky than Marci Coates.

image via Vulture, because Comcast has failed me yet again

image via Vulture, because Comcast has failed me yet again

And back to the action: Helena is talking to her hallucinated scorpion friend again. She is super smart, manipulating those around her so she can case the joint and figure out how to escape. She chews herself a key and is halfway to freedom when she discovers Parsons, the Castor clone hooked up to medical devices. She unveils his exposed brain and he begs her to kill him. The scorpion tells her to run while she has the chance and not blow her escape on him, but Helena puts him out of his misery. “You said you love boys. You are shit mother!” she yells when Dr. Coady finds her.

So, I’m mostly intrigued by the science stuff that’s gone on here. I’m interested in the failed Castor clone baby and the bones that may hold the DNA to cure them. Mostly, I’m interested in getting the gang back together, but with Alison and Cosima both getting side storylines I’m doubtful that will happen soon.  Also, WHERE’S RACHEL? (in Batman voice) because I think she could be super useful.

What are you guys thinking?

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