Day: May 7, 2015

HK14: Homecoming

Eight chefs competed on this week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen: four ladies on Red and four on men on Blue.  They get an early start to their day when Chef Ramsay calls them into the dining room.  There, they find a huge pep rally for Calabasas High School.

The kids are having their homecoming dinner dance in Hell’s Kitchen and the chefs compete to get one of three dishes on the menu for the evening: a seafood appetizer, a chicken entrée, and a beef entrée.  Abigail, Max, and Georgia of the homecoming committee act as judges:

  • T presents a jalapeño grits and shrimp dish for Red.  Milly present a stuffed shrimp alfredo creole risotto dish for Blue.  Abigail, Max, and Georgia all chose Milly’s dish.  Point for Blue!
  • Meghan presents a chive fettuccine chicken dish for Red.  Randy presents a blackened chicken pasta.  Georgia likes Blue, but Max and Abigail both like Red.  Point for Red!
  • Josh/Nick have prepared a chicken fried steak for Blue.  Michelle presents her filet of beef au poivre.  Georgia goes Red, but Abigail and Max pick Blue sealing the win for the men!

They win a pirate adventure dinner, while the girls have to set-up the room for the Mardi Gras themed homecoming… under the supervision of the committee.  To add insult to injury, they must also string loose beads to make necklaces for all 200 guests.  I assume those Mardi Gras necklaces are way less expensive than buying all those beads.

Top: the winning dishes.  Bottom: the men enjoy their pirate adventure dinner!  Milly makes such a good pirate.

Top: the winning dishes. Bottom: the men enjoy their pirate adventure dinner! Milly makes such a good pirate.

Homecoming dinner service comes and it’s a rocky start for both teams.  T starts by setting the flat top on fire.  Ramsay is as cool as a cucumber in the face of fire– he knows how to quell every kitchen fire and I’m impressed.  Josh tries to serve super alcoholic risotto to 17-year-olds and then serve raw capellini.  After these hiccups, apps roll out fine.  Entrées get a bit of a rough start too.  Milly’s flat top isn’t hot, so they start out delayed.  Randy struggles here and there.  Red is smoother, even though Michelle was assigned to meat and Meghan pushes her off to garnish.  Alison just cracks me up when she takes it upon herself to expedite and keeps yelling “all day!”  Blue finishes service first, but Red is right behind and with a smoother service, they win!

Blue puts up Randy and Josh for elimination.  Josh immediately starts campaigning and badmouthing Nick in offensive ways.  However, no one is getting eliminated.  Instead, Josh and Meghan switch teams!  I’ve been waiting for them to switch it up!  Meghan has already displayed leadership skills… albeit she’s been a little mean, and Ramsay expects her to lead Blue.  All the ladies left on Red are vying for that leadership role and so is Josh.  We’ll see how things go next week!