Day: May 4, 2015

Clone Club Catch-Up: Brothers & Sisters

“Formalized, Complex, and Costly” brought one big surprised that can actually make me slightly interest in the Castor clones: they’re brothers to the Leda clones.  This changes the way Sarah feels about them from enemies to family… which we’ve seen has done a lot for Helena’s standing!  Will it do the same for Castor?  Only time will tell.  For now, let’s talk about all the characters that Tatiana Maslany plays.

Sarah spends some time with Detective Art, who I love.  He admits that he loved Beth and that’s where his dedication to the Clone Club comes from.  This is no fleeting alliance.  Though he is a police officer, he will protect the sisters of the woman he loved.  I think that’s nice and I’ve always liked Art.  Anyway, chaos follows Sarah as per usual.  When Art shows up chez Sarah & Fe, there’s the body of Seth in the bathtub.  More on that later.  Sarah gets to meet Prolethean offspring Gracie who’s technically carrying her niece.  She also witnesses the brutal shooting of Mark… Gracie’s mother did not like what he’s done with her daughter.  We leave her basically trapped with that crazy Prolethean woman (Bonnie) and a shot gun.

Cosima sees Seth’s death as an opportunity to do some science!  She and Scott come to autopsy and Cosima is a complete badass and removes his brain.  The science reveals that the Castor clones are their brothers, so she really did the work this episode.

Alison is a joy as always.  Her soap making business serves as a perfect cover to her new drug dealing business and she is a ruthless campaigner.  I loved her in this episode, and like, even Donnie is stepping up.  I do want to see her connected to her sisters more, though.

"pharmaceutical entrepreneurs" at work

“pharmaceutical entrepreneurs” at work

Helena is continually told that Sarah turned her over, but she’s refused to believe the idea so far.  I’m still slightly worried about her mental state, but now that we’ve seen the defect in the Castor clones in action, I’m positive all the Leda clones are the sane and healthy ones.

Rachel is working on recovering her cognitive abilities.  Though her speech is still lagging and her eye will never come back, I’m sure we’ll see a badass Rachel again… though, in different ways.  The news is broken to her that she’s finished– Delphine has arranged for her death to be faked in a plane crash.  Who will Rachel be now?  Will she join her sisters?

So, there are still a lot of different factions and a lot of ambiguity… but Castor interests me slightly more and I’m starting to theorize where allegiances may be formed.  What do you all think?!