Clone Club Catch-Up: Castor

The problem with this weekend’s episode of Orphan Black, “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis,” is that the Castor clones took the spotlight.  I’m just no as interested in them as the Leda ladies!  The beginning was interesting (and creepy!) enough, picking up at the post-elevator seduction we witnessed last week between scar (Rudy) and some chick.  Things take a turn when mustache (Seth) comes to join them in bed.  Theme song.  Clones we care about.


Sarah spends time with Kira and Cal in Cal’s newly purchased home.  She gets a call from Art, a character I’m so happy to see again, about the woman complaining of the encounter with the Castor clones.  She pretends she’s Beth to get more information on Rudy and Seth.  Sarah is still mad at S for giving up Helena, but Felix is more caring toward S.  Poor lady’s in bad shape from her beat down last week.  She wants Sarah and Kira to run.

Paul visits Cal and warns him and Sarah to get the hell out of there too.  Sarah returns home with Kira, but Rudy has broken in and is hiding.  He grabs Kira in hopes of getting information out of Sarah, specifically, the original tissue samples.  Sarah knows nothing of this, and Rudy is interrupted by Seth’s screams downstairs.  He’s like, malfunctioning, fallen in pain, his mind flashing; Sarah can see he’s sick.  Rudy shoots his brother.

Sarah decides to send Kira away with her father to keep her safe.

Cosima visits Dr. Neely with Scott.  She learns that the original samples were taken to the grave with the Duncans and are lost.

Alison continues her quest to run for School Trustee.  For campaign money, she decides to buy local drug dealer Ramon’s business since he’s leaving for college.  Alison is hilarious.

Helena is far away with Dr. Virginia Cody.  It makes me nervous to have Helena separated from her sisters, especially with people trying to turn her against them.  She does have that imaginary scorpion, though… maybe that’ll keep her grounded? Hah!

All and all, I want more Leda and less Castor.  What did you guys think of this week’s episode?

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