SMC: Crystal Tokyo

When we last left out senshi, we were in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo about to unravel some major truths.  In this Act, King Endymion spills all.

King Endymion, Chibiusa’s papa, introduces himself and explains away his spectral state merely by saying his body is unconscious in another room.  Add astral projection to cool tricks Tuxedo Mask can pull!  And yes, he unveils that he is future Tuxedo Mask and future Usagi, Neo Queen Serenity, is in the crystal unconscious, and finally that Chibiusa is their future daughter.  Everyone is thoroughly embarrassed.  Usako/Mamo-chan is still a rather new relationship and they are now completely aware that they marry and have a child.  That’s either a lot of pressure or a lot of pressure off.


Little Diana is also revealed to be the daughter of Luna and Artemis.  The cats are also adorably embarrassed.

Then things go all Back to the Future and Usagi and Mamoru start to fade out because they can’t be in two places at once, so King Endymion hurries them all back to the past.

Relations are strengthened with Sailor Pluto.


There’s a fantastic comedic moment with Sailor Venus, that really reminds me of the original anime.  I mean, I miss the other senshi, but their absence has really allowed Venus to shine!

There are a few battles… only one physical.  Tuxedo Mask pledged to his future self to protect Chibiusa with his life, but Usagi feels slighted in his treatment of her.  She kind of snaps, and I don’t blame her!  She’s still a more self-aware Usagi, but she deserves this moment in my opinion.  The physical battle comes back in the future, where Usagi remembers her Moon Princess Halation won’t work, as her past silver crystal doesn’t work in the future.  It’s about time for Usagi and Mamoru to make up and a new attack to be born out of their love, if you ask me!  We’ll see if that happens in a couple weeks, though.

You know what I’m thinking… what are you?!

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