Clone Club Catch-Up: The New Rachel

Fe's right; power looks amazing on Delphine.

Fe’s right; power looks amazing on Delphine.

I couldn’t be happier that Orphan Black in back on my TV and that the Clone Club is reconvening for the season!  The first episode of season three, “The Weight of this Combination,” was jam-packed with action, yet still leaves me wanting so much more.  We open on a dream sequence through Helena’s eyes that is so much fun, but the stakes are high and there are so many factions with interest in Sarah and her sisters…

Helena we don’t hear from much aside from that.  She’s been captured, and she’s in a box.  Sarah spends her energy trying to get her back.

Sarah is forced to play Rachel for a little bit.  It’s always a joy to see Tatiana Maslany play one clone playing another– she has SUCH command over each and every one of these characters.  Sarah and Rachel are such strong personalities, and Sarah is typically the master of disguise when it comes to her sisters.  Sarah embodies Rachel, but doesn’t hold herself the same way as Rachel would.  She pulls it off well enough that “the cleaner,” Ferdinand, believes her.  She’s not really successful in pulling the information out of him she requires, which Delphine, the New Rachel, must step in and achieve.  What’s the big secret Rachel kept?  Helsinki.  In which 6 clones were destroyed.  Guys, can you imagine how many Project LEDA clones there were?  We’ve seen so many die so far.  Also, did anyone think with so many of them these women wouldn’t like, run into each other ever?

The real Rachel has survived the pencil through the eye, but lost her eye and apparently a little cognitive ability.  Delphine employs a little torture, not apparently willing to wait for Rachel to get a little speech therapy.

Alison has a few subplots brewing– Donnie’s quit his job, she wants to run for school counsel, and she’s a complete badass avoiding an assassination attempt long enough for Delphine to abort it.  What’s truly fun is to watch Alison play Sarah– Oy oy, Rachel.  I love Alison.  It’s so interesting that as you can tell which clone is pretending to be which– this was a clear painting of Alison as Sarah.

Cosima is doing better and spender her time with her little savior, Kira.  With Duncan’s cypher in hand, she’s ready to do some science with Scott.  The real crushing blow comes from Delphine, who’s truly embodying her role as Rachel and broke it off with Cosima.  Sad!

Fe is hilarious as always; love his makeover montage and pokin’ fun at Sarah, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, but not even a high school diploma.  Finally, there’s even more confusion when it comes to Project Castor.  These dudes are creepy!  Ferdinand says on Alison-as-Sarah that her face could launch ships, which is true: Tatiana is gorgeous!  Why, then, did scientists not want to create more appealing male clones?

I’m sure we’re in for an amazing season!  What did you all think of the first episode of season three?  Is it just me, or is mean Delphine way cooler than girlfriend Delphine?


  1. This show is so much fun. Delphine definitely seems to be relishing her new role at Dyad. Tatiana is so amazing. Her playing one clone impersonating another is just… wow. As much as all the clone business can be fun, I look forward to simple stuff like Alison taking on that lady for School Trustee (or whatever it was) too. Not sure how I feel about the male clones so far though. Kind of blah for me this episode.

    1. I’m not loving the male clone storyline at all yet. There are so many factions with interest in the clones, why add another? Still love the show, and Tatiana! Alison is always my favorite. She makes the mundane so interesting! Alison Hendrix for School Trustee!

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