Tag Tuesday: What’s in my bag?

Confession: I secretly want to be a vlogger.  Now that the secret is out, enjoy my first video ever!  I’m really sorry about the quality, but I don’t own video equipment.  I’ve had a lot of technically difficulties… but hey, we’re learning here.

I love watching the What’s In My Bag? tag videos, and had written out a blog post to play along with a little Tag Tuesday.  Instead, I decided just to go for it and record.

So ladies, what’s in your bag?
And blogger friends– have you ever tried your hand at vlogging?  I’m definitely interested in trying it so please leave me some tips!


  1. Aw, I really liked this video! Ah the lighting is fine, honestly some stuff on YouTube is overproduced. I’ve got an iPod Classic in my bag–WHYWHYWHY did Apple get rid of it!?!?!?!?! Seriously do they hate music? How have you adjusted to the Touch? I think I’m 4 years into my Classic, so I’m probably on the downhill slope, and I am not lookin’ forward to it.

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