HK14: Redemption

And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen… I never take much notice that the announcer says that every time.  This week’s episode has two services!

but maybe only 1 correctly cooked piece of fish from the Blue Kitchen

but maybe only 1 correctly cooked piece of fish from the Blue Kitchen

The first is for a biker gang of firefighters.  (I actually couldn’t figure out a way to explain this better… two motorcycle clubs of former firefighters?  That’s better, right?)  The teams do a lunch service for them, and Blue finally wins their first challenge.  They head off for a wine safari, for which Chef Ramsay joins them joking that he thought he’d only be going out with the women.  Nick runs into an ex-girlfriend from high school “when he was straight.”  Hilarious!  For punishment, the ladies have to detail the fire engines and lollipop the chicken wings for the table-side appetizer for the night’s dinner service.

While this is the very first challenge Red has lost, losing is a familiar feeling for them, as they’ve never won a dinner service.  Meghan is determined to change that… but actually, she’s just super angry at her team.

Chef Ramsay pulls her aside before service saying that this is her opportunity to emerge as a leader.  Then, Marino opens Hell’s Kitchen for the night!

There are some problems.  For Blue, it’s the fish station that suffers.  Nick has a rough go on scallops, but it’s nothing compared to Brendan’s fish disaster– he either overcooks or leaves fish completely raw.  “Just get it in the middle and you’ll be right!” complains Milly.  Both Brendan and Nick get kicked out.

For Red, save for a seasoning error out of the gates, the real issue seems to be that Meghan is a bitch.  She’s not exactly being a leader so much as a bossypants, but ultimately the girls finish dinner service smoothly!

In a complete role-reversal, Blue loses and Red wins!  Finally!  Brendan and Nick are both up for elimination, but the answer is clear.  Though he considers himself a well-read chef, Brendan’s skills on the line are just not there and he is sent home.


Well, I think both teams sort of achieved redemption this week!  With all the obvious weak links gone, who’s next?

From the absolutely insane preview for next week’s episode, I’ll definitely be tuning in to find out!  Did you see that?!

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