Shameless Finale

Sunday night TV treats us well, doesn’t it?  We’ve got Game of Thrones to look forward to, Nurse Jackie coming up, and the last half season of Mad Men (but more on that later!) to help us cope with impending Mondays.

We’ve finished Girls, we just wrapped up Walking Dead, and yes, Shameless.  I think this is what I most looked forward to on Sunday nights.  I’ve loved watching this season, so let’s talk about where the season 5 finale has left us.

Bianca departs

[Frank + Bianca] Frank isn’t a likable character, but his tryst with Bianca really made him so in these last few episodes.  Sure, it started out in typical Frank fashion, but he really cared about her.  He looked cleaner, happier, and more useful than ever.  It was inevitable that Bianca would slip away, and at least she went out peacefully.  It was nice to see more humanity in her too, despite tempting fate with some Russian.  It was really nice to see Frank be sweet.

[Lip] Okay, we know Lip’s not stupid, so why does he ignore Amanda’s feelings like he did?  We’ve seen Lip care about people before, and I feel like his treatment of Amanda was just cruel.  Poor thing blew up in the library like that and I don’t blame her.  What I don’t get is the professor… this is what he thinks love is?  What does she actually do for him, aside from rock his world in bed and have her husband watch?  This is creepy.  This isn’t a relationship!  Amanda was.  And she gave you her car.

[Ian + Mickey] I don’t even know what to say about Ian.  I don’t know what’s right for him.  He doesn’t know what’s right for him.  My real heartbreak is for Mickey, though.  Mickey truly loves Ian; he’s such a changed man for having loved Ian.  I hope it’s not the end for these two.

[Debbie] This girl literally knows nothing about life.  When you look at Debbie’s role models, it’s clear why.  Which brings me to

[Fiona] Ugh, Fiona.  After all the trouble you caused last season, you’ve completely abandoned your family this season again.  What happened to the young lady granted custody of all these kids, keeping the Gallaghers together?  I think she’s forgotten about that.  She played house with Gus without ever really putting in the effort– she cheated on him almost immediately, and when things got tough, she backed further away.  When faced with the reality of her sham marriage, she runs to Sean’s arms and he denies her.  Does Fiona know how to be alone?  Does Fiona know who she is at all?  Not yet.

A couple of other things:

  • Nice to see Carl again at the end!
  • I had a feeling that Sammi, who I’ve completely hated all season, was alive after all.  The way she came back makes me think there’s a place for Sammi in this series afterall– chasing and shooting after Mickey, hilarious!
  • Vee & Kev, back together at last!  I don’t blame Vee for any of her reactions, honestly, but I’m glad that these two finally worked it out.  We all love them.

Tell me what you thought about the Shameless season 5 finale!

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