Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 19

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Let’s do the time warp again!

Okay, love the title of this episode but only because it makes me think of Rocky Horror. The thing about Crystal and the pacing is that throwing time travel at you is not necessarily disarming. Sailor Pluto is unique among the senshi. She’s technically the first of the outer senshi we’ve seen. So, because I’m coming at this having all of the original anime under my belt, I’m warning you all right now: spoilers abound!


Sailor Pluto at this point is not much of a character.  I have always been concerned about her in a post-Pluto world, being that it’s sadly been de-planetized.  Does is actually make more sense now?  Guys, Sailor Moon is so smart.

We know she’s the solitary guard of the Door of Space-Time. We know she wears an awesome belt of keys around her waist. We cannot fully appreciate Setsuna, because we have yet to even meet Setsuna. We do know that Pluto has a soft spot for Chibiusa.


Dead Scream seemed way more aggressive in Crystal than it ever was in the original anime, and yet completely not as badass.

We learn Chibiusa is the princess of 30th century Crystal Tokyo. I feel like important things, like Pluto’s introduction, happen so fast in this anime, but some things happen so painfully slowly. This has been my experience with Chibiusa. We literally just learned she’s from the future. We still don’t know for sure who her parents are, but you’d have to be blind and stupid not to know by now. Chibiusa’s been so scared for so long that everyone’s been captured and no one’s been helped. It’s been annoying.

Speaking of annoying, let’s briefly touch on the relationship between Chibiusa and Mamoru. This annoyed me in the original anime (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) as well, but in different ways.

  • Crystal’s Usagi is more mature and self-aware. She can express to Mamoru that she feels jealous and insecure. I love this. I’ve never seen Usagi like this before!
  • Crystal’s Chibiusa is a baby. She’s not malicious, but she’s not mischievous like BSSM’s Chibiusa either. Because she’s not playing up, it feels weirder that she’s so drawn to Mamoru.
  • Crystal’s Mamoru is not inappropriate, by any standards, but he plays to her more than BSSM’s Mamoru. He buys into her immaturity. In a lot of ways, BSSM’s Mamoru is an innocent bystander, while Crystal’s is an active participant.

Okay, we meet a couple of one-off baddies that even Sailor Moon’s not concerned about. We’re left on the moon in the Crystal Palace with a couple new characters: adorable Diana and a Tuxedo Mask look alike. I’m pleased to see Diana worked into the story finally— she goes hand-in-hand with Chibiusa for me. I’m also pleased to see that we should finally find out who Chibiusa’s parents are soon.  And who does fairy tale allusions better than Sailor Moon?  Love that Sleeping Beauty-esque scene.

I had severely mixed feelings about this episode, though. Thoughts?!


  1. I was so excited to see Diana, and I really liked that they’re showing Usagi’s grown up a bit. She’s still Usagi, just, sadder and more thoughtful, which fits with the tone of Crystal, I think.

    I loved Luna’s flashback to the Space-Time Door, and the reunion between Pluto and Chibi-Usa was incredibly sweet.

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