HK14: 14 Chefs Get Cheesy

This week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen was 7 versus 7.  The theme of the challenge is what Gordon Ramsay and I both call an essential ingredient: cheese!

A member of Red goes head to head with a member of Blue; one spins a win to find out what dish they duo will compete with.

  • Grilled cheese is a competition between Nick & Monique.  Nick clinches the point for Blue.
  • Enchiladas are prepared by Milly & Meghan.  Meghan takes home with point for Red.
  • Brendan & Alison make croquettes, for which Alison wins another point for Red.
  • Lasagna is made by Sarah & Randy.  Randy gets Blue for his.
  • Adam & Christine compete with cordon bleu.  Both achieve a point.
  • Michelle & Josh face of with manicotti.  Both win points for their teams.
  • Bret & T are the final battle.  T’s calzone secures a victory for Red!

The girls get to spend another day on the water for their victory.  They get to jet ski, which looks like so much fun!  The punishment for the boys is actually kind of awesome, but tedious.  They must break open a giant wheel of parmesan and grate it all for dinner service.



For dinner service, Alison and Nick are charged to serve a rustic salad featuring parmesan table-side.  In the kitchen, service starts out smooth for Red.  They hit snags with Monique on the garnish station.  Christine’s raw salmon and Sarah’s raw rice illicit a warning for Chef Ramsay: one more mistake and they’re out!  Blue bumbles too, as Brendan struggles again and again with lamb.  When Sarah and Michelle on the fish station put up re-fired salmon, the fate of Red is sealed.  They get kicked out for the third time in a row.  Blue recovers and is able to finish service.

IMG_7251There’s no question that Red will be nominating two chefs for elimination.  Monique is an easy choice, as she hasn’t had a successful service yet and she’s clearly not a team player.  Christine was also considered for her performance on the fish station, but ultimately Sarah is chosen to go up.  Gordon says she’s cooking like she’s given up, and that seems accurate.  She’s been slipping.  Ultimately, she is a better chef and has more potential than Monique, who continuously blames her team for her shortcomings.  Monique is eliminated, finally.

Meghan seems to be emerging as the leader, while T remains a strong player.  I think without Monique, Red should start winning services.  What do you all think?!

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