Day: March 24, 2015

Girls: Home Birth


Girls season 4 has come to a close.  With just 10 episodes, this season went by super quickly!  I think we ended on a high note.  Here’s the character-by-character:

We open with Hannah having stepped out of her classroom because she’s having a panic attack.  Who’s there to comfort her?  Fran.  Man, this guy is sweet!  We’ll get back to more Hannah later.

IMG_7189Shoshanna is offered my dream job doing marketing and social media in Tokyo!  Shosh is thrown off guard at the prospect of moving to Japan.  Her new boyfriend Scott is even more thrown off and asks her not to move.  He tells her she can work for his company instead.  “I’m gonna be in love with you soon,” he says.  This may sound super creepy, but I actually found it incredibly sweet.  Shosh needs advice and seeks out Ray, who is not there for her.  Instead, she finds Hermie who has apparently just read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, and tells her to do just that.  By the end of the episode, Shoshanna has decided she’s moving to Japan!

IMG_7193Marnie is still in weird, pre-engagement-bliss-land even as her music career is taking off.  She and Desi meet with a music label president at Ray’s coffee shop.  After Marnie and the president leave the shop, Desi goes to pay Ray, who has it out with him about how he’ll never deserve Marnie.  At the Marnie and Desi gig later, the label people and the music bloggers are in place, but Desi is no where to be found.  I hate the phone call Marnie places to him, saying she’s not mad in the voicemail.  Be mad, Marnie; this is shitty.  The label president thinks he killed himself and keeps saying he hopes he’s not dead.  “Jesus Christ,” Marnie says through tears, “Let’s always hope everyone we like is alive.”  (“Don’t worry about it man, she cries all the time,” says Ray to the frazzled label president.)  Ray convinces her to go on alone and she is fantastic.

Now we’re back to Hannah, but also on Jessa who are present at the events which are the episode’s name sake: Laird and Caroline’s baby is coming.  Hannah, Adam, and for some reason Jessa are all in attendance and all think the home birth is a terrible idea.  Eventually, Laird comes around to their side when Caroline’s pain becomes unreasonable.  Jessa’s morbid curiosity has her submerging her head in the bathtub where Caroline writhes to see a foot– the baby is breech.  Jessa, Hannah, Adam, and Laird forcibly carry Caroline to the hospital where she gives birth to Jessa-Hannah Bluebell Poem Schlessinger Sackler.

Jessa, who was absolutely wonderful under the circumstances, decides that she wants to be a therapist.

Adam decides he wants to be with Hannah again, but Hannah can’t do that.  I’m so proud of Hannah right here.

After a “Six Months Later” jump, we see Hannah and Fran together at last.

What I love about the ending is that we know there are 6 unseen months here.  Jessa could be on a productive path.  Marnie and Desi could be done.  Shoshanna could already have returned from Japan.  We’ll find out next season!

What did you guys think about the season 4 finale?  What are you expecting in season 5?