Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 18

I feel like the senshi fly more in Crystal than they ever did in the original anime.

I feel like the senshi fly more in Crystal than they ever did in the original anime.

Act 18 was a bit slow to get rolling for me.  It’s hard to believe Chibiusa’s been around for so long and her big reveal just happened at the end of this episode.  I’m really missing Ami and Rei… it’s been an awful long time without them!  I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about Mako-chan by next week too.  Even though it’s basically just Usagi and Minako holding down the fort right now, I liked so many characters in this episode.  So, let’s talk about them this time.

Usagi/Sailor Moon

Not remarkable this episode.  She cried; she saved the day.


Ah, the second eldest Spectre sister finally makes an appearance.  She’s a medium– a channeler, and the premise of the episode is that channelling has become a world craze.  She hypnotizes everyone to embrace the black moon.  Calaveras also channels her sisters so they may all attack together.  This, I loved.  I also loved that she was defeated before capturing Venus.


Her traits as a leader were very evident in this episode.  She takes the loss of Jupiter hard, but her reactions are not emotional like Usagi.  She feels responsible for letting Jupiter get captured and steps up as a leader to get to the bottom of the situation.  It’s Minako who decides they need to confront Chibiusa straight up, after all this useless back and forth they’ve had about it.  As I said before, she doesn’t get captured!  She also gets a nifty new attack, Rolling Heart Vibration.  And finally, she gets this hilarious line:

Slayyyy, Minako.

Slayyyy, Minako.

Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask

Not useless in this episode!  He’s still a bit too sympathetic to Chibiusa, if you ask me, but he remains firmly on Usagi’s side.  We find out that he can do a little channelling of his own, and he gets some advice from Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite.  He also gets an attack–  Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!

Two senshi down, but this hero network is strong.

Two senshi down, but this hero network is strong.


Naru surprised me this time around.  I never put a lot of stock in her, but really her friendship with Usagi is completely usurped by Sailor Moon’s responsibilities.  Naru was sweet, recognizing that Usagi has things going on that she may not understand. Even still, she tried to be there for her.


Ta-da!  She’s from the future!  Did anybody honestly not know that?  She was a brat this episode, though, let’s be honest.

Alright guys, let me know what you thought of Act 18!

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