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Did you know Joseph Pilates was a real person?  I had no idea that this exercise system was named for its developer!  This is the first thing the amazing Julie Erickson told the group of Boston bloggers who came to check out Endurance Pilates and Yoga in the South end.

Here's Julie, being totally amazing.

Here’s Julie, being totally amazing.

Endurance Pilates and Yoga was previously located in Arlington, but moved to the South End in January.  A peek through its windows and you might think you’re looking at a spa.  It’s a clean, cozy space with several reformers lined up– though you might think these pilates machines are intimidating!  The walls are lined with black and white photos of Julie doing impressive poses.  Downstairs is the studio space where there is just enough room to keep the class sizes small!

When all the bloggers arrived, owner and instructor Julie laid out the plan for the day: we’d start with some pilates, then do barre, and finish with some relaxing yoga.

There were 9 of us in total including Julie, and the studio felt plenty roomy, but still intimate.  There were enough mats for all of us, which was nice since I hadn’t thought to bring my own.  The pilates class utilized rings, which I had never done before!  I’m usually intimidated when asked to use equipment, but ended up having a blast.  I felt like I was working hard, but not dying.  Julie was super encouraging, but you can tell she’s tough!

After pilates, we moved our mats to the edges of the room and brought out three barres.  This was definitely the toughest work out of the day for me.  As a former ballerina, I’m comfortable at a barre.  The movements, however, to get the best workout are often contrary to my ballet brain.  Also, I’m super weak!  Still, Julie remained encouraging but worked us until my legs hurt.

Yoga was the perfect end to the class.  Yoga is my favorite class period, so it was nice to stretch out a bit after using my legs and core so much.  It wasn’t an intro to yoga type of class, which I generally find boring.  It was a good mix of the kind of stretches you might do at the beginning of a yoga class and at the end– we cat-cowed, we warriored, we bridged.

After all was said and done, we headed back upstairs for some food and to bombard Julie with questions.  The food Endurance Pilates had supplied for us was such a nice surprise!  You all know this girl loves to eat.

Julie helped some of the girls try out the reformers while I ate.  Typical.

Julie helped some of the girls try out the reformers while I ate. Typical.  And yes– Julie trained the Cirque du Soleil Performers in Totem!  No big deal!

We asked Julie about herself, her background, and about her practice.  She is certified to teach just about anything you can think of!  She was, after all, named the Best of Boston personal trainer last year.  Every time someone asked her about a type of exercise, she was certified to teach it!  Seriously, you can check out her list of certifications on the website.

Perhaps the coolest thing Julie does is her work with the survivors on the Boston Marathon bombing.  Teaching the core strength necessary to stand on prosthetics, Julie can take credit for helping these amputees regain their ability to walk.  Julie told us that her mother was a double amputee, so she felt connected to this week.  She trains the marathon survivors pro bono.

Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?!  Julie gifted us with vouchers for a free private session with her and I, for one, cannot wait to go back!


Endurance Pilates and Yoga is located at 1636 Washington St. in Boston, MA 02118.  For a full schedule of classes and services, please visit  Be sure to follow the studio on Twitter, too, @EndurPilates!

Big shout out to Julie and Endurance Pilates and Yoga for hosting us, and to Blog & Tweet Boston for the invite!

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