Girls: Daddy Issues


Finally, an episode where each of the girls had viable storylines to talk about!  Someone’s always a little neglected, and in this instance, it was Shosh.  Jessa (along with Hannah) was one of the episode’s biggest focuses for once, so yay.  Let’s get into it.

Jessa has started a relationship with Ace– a sexual relationship, anyway, as you can see by the episode’s title card.  Afterward, they’re shown on their way to a dinner date, running joyously.  Suddenly, Ace announces they’re near to Mimi-Rose’s apartment and decides they should drop in on her and Adam.  Mimi-Rose reacts in an equally odd way insisting he and Jessa stay for dinner.  Adam makes sincere attempts to remove himself from the situation, as does Jessa.  Mimi-Rose announces that she is jealous and wants Ace back.  Jessa calls both MRH and Ace out for their bullshit and decides to leave.  She tells Adam that if he had any sense, he’d leave with her right then.  When Mimi-Rose then announces that her only solution is to be alone, Jessa pulls Adam out of the apartment and that’s that.

Hannah plays hostess to her dad and deals with his coming out.  At work, Cleo is so over her (because they’re not best frenulums) and will not engage.   Hannah expected way too much from this relationship and tried to lean on Cleo as a friend during this tumultuous time.  Though cute, I did note that this relationship was inappropriate and the principal calls her out on it too.  He tells her she needs to establish boundaries between work Hannah and life Hannah.  Yikes, that she hasn’t learned this by now!  I was actually siding with Hannah on her conversation between Elijah and her dad later in the episode, but recycling this lesson on them sort of lessened her cause with me.

Shosh plans a lovely victory party for Ray as he is elected Chairperson of the Community Board.  She puts so much work into it and seriously supports him as a friend to an impressive level.  Somebody please give this girl a job!

Marnie is absolutely awful, and you all know I love her.  She tells Desi they’re keeping their engagement a secret, then immediately tells Ray.  This obviously hurts him, and he delivers his victory speech about always being there basically directly to her.  She then decides this is an appropriate time to interrupt Ray’s celebrations and announce her engagement to Desi.  The worst.


A few takeaways, then:

It’s nice to see Jessa making intelligent decisions.  She’s so self-aware sometimes.  Adam couldn’t attend Ray’s party knowing he wanted to see Hannah a bit too much… is this going to open things up for them again?  Would that even be a good idea?  And finally, let’s take bets on how long Marnie/Desi will last!  Comment your thoughts!

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