HK14: 17 Chefs Get Crabby

The Red Team is down a member after losing the first dinner service.  It’s a new day in Hell’s Kitchen and the chefs are woken up to the sounds of 17 alarm clocks all going off at once.

James and Andi tell them to pack a bag, because the challenge is taking place outside of HK and they may not be coming back. They arrive on a beach where Meghan laments that she’s not a fan of water or boats.  I’m personally not a fan of anyone who doesn’t like these things.

Gordon explains part one of their challenge.  Teams are to mount their dinghies and paddle out to several buoys in the water.  Each buoy holds a crab track below; some are filled with crab and some not.  The first team to collect 20 crabs wins an advantage in the second part of the challenge.  The Blue Team is better at paddling and luckier at finding crabs, so they win.


In the second part of the challenge, the teams must work in pairs create 10 perfect dishes of 3 Dungeness  crab cakes.  The Blue team gets a 30 second head start as their advantage.  Unfortunately for them, that’s not enough to beat the ladies who win the challenge!  Their prize is a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for some horseback riding and a sunset dinner.  The men’s punishment is to prep all kinds of seafood for the next service.

The seafood dinner service has a couple chefs serving a shrimp scampi appetizer table-side– Sarah for the Red team, and Adam for the Blue.

The kitchen is where all the action is, though.  In the Red kitchen, Mieka on garnish is causing lots of problems and holding back service.  Things are even worse on the Blue side, though.  Cameron puts up completely raw scallops for his first plate of the night, and never recovers.  The fish station is a mess all night and Cameron and Brendan are made to eat their mistakes.  The big blow out comes when Michael tries to (surprise!) bring up scallops which results in he, Cameron, and Brendan getting kicked out of the kitchen.  The rest of the team is soon to follow, though.

Despite Mieka’s difficulties, Red is able to finish dinner service! They obviously win the night.

Blue puts up Michael and Cameron for elimination.  It did seem like Michael came out of no where in the mix of weak links.  Milly said he was on point all night.  Rightly, Cameron is eliminated.  That dude put up some of the worst scallops I’ve ever seen!  And that’s coming from a Hell’s Kitchen fan.

What did you think of the latest HK episode?

Who do you think is looking strong in the kitchen?  I think T is off to a great start and hope she continues to lead Red to victory!

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