Girls: Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz


Often when I start an episode of Girls, I think to myself, hey, weren’t we just talking about this?  This episode did that for me too– doesn’t it seem like a lot of parents of young adult-aged children split up or suddenly develop major problems?  Anyway, this episode had a lot of focus on Hannah’s parents and their marital issues.  Do we actually think Tad is gay?

Whereas we’ve seen a lot of Adam and Mimi-Rose in the last couple of episodes, they didn’t make any appearances this time.  We’re still not focused on all the girls, though.  Here’s the character by character:

Hannah | This might be a weird thing to say, but I kind of love Hannah’s friendship with her student, Cleo.  Sure, it’s probably inappropriate, but they seem cool together.  I’m not sure if Cleo will still want to be her friend after that botched best frenulum piercing ordeal!  That was even hard for me to watch.


Hannah also tries to re-start with Fran, but he’s having none of it because Hannah is dramatic.  She is so bad at taking no for an answer.

Marnie | I’m not sure how Marnie can live with herself in this relationship with Desi.  Has she not learned or grown at all?  I’m never mad at Marnie, and I seriously am this time around.  She says yes to Desi’s proposal of marriage, which we know is a mistake and not going to last.  How far do we think this engagement will go?!

Jessa | So under-utilized.  What’s going on in Jessa’s life?!  All we know is that she’s chasing Ace.

Shoshanna | Shosh has a mostly successful date with Scott.  I’m thinking she’ll find some kind of a job soon.  In the meantime, she’s helping Ray campaign.  Anyone notice those Mayday? Rayday! buttons?  Too cute.  When he suggests that he still has feelings for Marnie, Shosh gets a bit upset.  I actually think, good for Marnie.


Alright, lots of questions throughout, so discuss!

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