Day: March 8, 2015

Pokémon Branding

Whenever I see something I love, I share it with you guys.  This month, that means highlighting a few artists’ works.  Be on the lookout for another one of these kind of posts to pop up for a Friday Favorite.  This one just couldn’t wait.

I don’t talk about my professional life much on this blog, but my background is really in staffing and recruiting.  When I came across these Pokémon “business cards,” I thought relevant to my interests!

Really, what San Francisco design shop Pictogram has done here is imagined Pokémon as corporate brands.  The results are fantastic!  I’ve highlighted a bunch of my favorites here:

Zubat comes with mock business cards & letterhead.  Click through  to see the address-- Mahogany Town!

Zubat comes with mock business cards & letterhead. Check out the address– Mahogany Town!


Each corporate entity not only has a logo, but a backstory.  I laude designer Sebastiaan de With’s creativity!  You can find the full set and more of his work on his website— these are under the work & play section.  Now that you’ve seen the logos, aren’t you curious to see the companies he’s cooked up for each?!


All images are property of Sebastiaan de With, the founder & creative mind behind Pictogram.  Thank you, Mr. de With, for sharing these fun concepts with the world!