HK14: 18 Chefs Jump In

Hell’s Kitchen is a dramatic show.  Now in it’s 14th season, it still manages to highlight infinite first evers, best evers, and worst evers.  To a soundtrack of superstar chef Gordon Ramsay’s screams, we are showered with ruined scallops, risottos, and beef Wellingtons.  There are tricks and twists and completely unnecessary punishments.  It’s fun for reality TV fans and foodies alike!

Season 14 kicked off this week with a crop of 18 new hopefuls.  There were actually 20 individuals who tried to enter the doors of HK.  Gordon Ramsay greeted them from above and challenged them to prove their dedication by jumping from the top of the building.

Gordon Ramsay high above the HK hopefuls... just like his cooking skills!

Gordon Ramsay high above the HK hopefuls… just like his cooking skills!

Enrique and Ruth did so.  I admit, this tricked me!  After their jumps, Gordon revealed that they were stunt people and the remaining 18 chefs would be the ones competing inside, not jumping!

So it’s men v. women in front of a live audience, cooking their signature dishes.  It’s a pretty solid tasting, most dishes achieving 4/5 or 3/5.  Two notables on the Red Team (that’s the women, if you’re new) score perfect 5/5s: T, a line cook from Atlanta, and Meghan, an executive chef from Virginia.  Even though no one on Blue is able to match that distinction, the women have several 1/5s that ruin their chances of winning– Mieka, who’s dish Gordon just straight doesn’t like, Chrissa, who’s a literal mess and makes a weird cookie-coated chicken, and Monique, who uses JARRED TOMATO SAUCE.

Listen, you’d have to have never seen this show (or any cooking show) in your life to use jarred sauce.  This is a huge mistake and she deserves every bit of the flack she got for it.

The men enjoy a limo-ride reward to meet William Shatner.  Hilariously, most of the chefs seems to be Star Trek fans; he is called Spock throughout and I don’t think his actual name is ever spoken.

The women have to reset the entire dining room and, as punishment, lick & stuff envelops to mail out all of the reservation confirmations.  Hey Marino, isn’t this your job?

Prep goes well for the ladies except for Chrissa, who can’t figure out how to make a risotto or go to the bathroom at an appropriate time.  When Marino does open HK, the ladies do a good job getting appetizers out.  The same can’t be said for the men who struggle with scallops.  By the time main courses come up, the ladies’ are out of luck.  Monique didn’t even have the oven on, so that sinks the meat station.  The Red Team is booted out of the kitchen when they can’t deliver pork and lamb.

It’s pretty obvious that the first loss went to Red.  Luckily, they have some obvious dead weight to put up for nomination for elimination.  They chose Monique and Chrissa, who are exactly the right choices.  Monique can’t turn an oven on or make sauce.  Chrissa was completely useless in the kitchen and asked Sarah a million useless questions.  Chef Ramsay also wants to hear from Christine, who was on the doomed meat station.

Chrissa ends up getting eliminated!  Gordon just doesn’t get her, and neither do it!  She contributed nothing and I’d rather see her go than someone who at least made an impression… although, Monique’s not long for this show if she keeps making that kind of an impression!

I saw a lot of potential from Sarah on the Red Team, and the preview for next week seems to indicate that the men do too…

What did you think of the season 14 opener?!

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