Day: March 5, 2015

Alex and Ani: Road to Romance

Today, a beautiful new Alex & Ani collection went on sale: Road to Romance.  You guys know I’m a HUGE Alex and Ani fan (and you can check out most of my collection here) and I’ve passed my obsession to my mom.  Funnily enough, she’s the one who alerted me to the Road to Romance collection!  And we both kind of want everything.

With mint, soft pinks and blues, Road to Romance seems tailor-made for me!  Here are my top picks from this lovely new collection:


Road to Romance Wrap

In my attempt to not buy so many bangles, I’ve fallen deeply in love with wraps.  This titular piece is pictured here in gold/pink/green, and also available in silver/blue/purple.  I kind of want both, but the gold version pictured here is definitely going to be mine.


Braided Leather Wrap

I haven’t purchased any of the braided leather wraps yet, but I have my eye on the Chocolate version from a previous collection.  Road to Romance brings Begonia, Powder, and Spring Shower (pictured above).  One (or more) of these will adorn my arm soon.


Gypsy 66 Wrap

I have a beaded version of this from way back that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  The three colored versions (pictured in peony) in this collection could add a pop of spring color to any A&A collection!

roadtoromance_2014_vw459rs_leftSentiment Wrap

Here I go again with the wraps.  I can’t even tell you which color I like best, but I’ve gone with periwinkle to show you here.  Blue is a good, safe color for my wardrobe, but t’s likely that I will buy several of these.


See more of the Road to Romance Collection here.

Let me know which pieces you think I should add to my collection!




All pictures via Alex & Ani.  This is not a sponsored post; I genuinely just love Alex & Ani!  If you are interested in partnering with me on similar posts, please contact for inquiries.