Girls: Ask Me My Name


Despite being light on many of the characters I come to watch, “Ask Me My Name” was one of the most interesting Girls episodes I can remember.

A major strike goes against it for the lack of Shoshanna.  Elijah only have like, three lines, but one of them was the best in the episode– in reaction to Hannah’s lizard shirt:

What the fuck? I mean, if you want him to think you killed your kids and have been living in the Florida Pan Handle, knock yourself out!

So, Hannah.  I really enjoyed seeing Hannah being happy at her new job and I really enjoyed her fantastic eyeliner through the date-night-gone-wrong.  I do not support her masochistic decision to go to MRH’s art show, but Hannah’s going to do what Hannah’s going to do.

Hey, what the hell was Marnie doing at this show?  I get Jessa, because she’s now friends with Adam, but why Marnie and Desi?  Are they just artists supporting artists?  Weird.

I loved Mimi-Rose’s ex-partner Ace being such a part of her life.  That makes sense for the eccentric, bohemian MRH.  I loved her forcing Adam to take a cab with him while she rode with Hannah.  I love Ace confessing his love of MRH to Adam and insisting he’s getting her back.

The conflict between Hannah and Mimi-Rose, though, was more complicated than comical.  For once, I actually felt bad for Hannah.  She’s feeling like a failure as an artist, and she did give up on what she thought was her dream.  I wavered between liking MRH and thinking she’s incredibly manipulative.

Adam was funny in this episode, and I find myself actually interested in him and MHR.

Definitely different, and it sort of did slow down, but I really liked this episode.  What did you guys think of Ask Me My Name?!


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