Girls: Close Up


Weirdly, “Close-Up” started out with Adam and Mimi-Rose in relationship bliss.  That abruptly changed when Mimi-Rose casually drops that she had an abortion the day prior.  Adam freaks out that she didn’t share this with him prior to making the decision.

I do understand Adam’s feelings on this and felt a lot of animosity toward Mimi-Rose.  She swayed me, though, as she did Adam, at the end of the episode.  She doesn’t need Adam, but she wants Adam, which is even more special.  I loved that.  I don’t necessarily care about Adam and Mimi-Rose, though, as characters.  I’d have preferred to focus on the girls.

In another story with a secondary character, Ray takes a stand against local government and decides to run for a seat on the board.  I actually really love Ray, but again, girls’ storylines?!

Jessa again does absolutely nothing.

Shosh botches an interview and ends up with a date.

Marnie and Desi fuck to their own music and get into a huge fight when Marnie says they are like She & Him musically, and Desi protests that they are nothing like She & Him.  This fight was awesome and absurd.

Hannah has moved back into her apartment.  Elijah was “practically running JCPenny” in Iowa and moved back with her; the wall broken down in between their rooms has not posed problems yet.  Hannah has decided that she wants a job helping people.  Her friends all laugh at this, as Hannah is the most selfish person they know, and Elijah makes a few jokes at her expense.  His jokes inspire a viable idea: teacher.  “Those who can’t do, teach,” points out Jessa.  Hannah agrees that she can’t do, and thus would like to teach.

Don't every worry about your resume looking jumpy.  As long as it doesn't look like Hannah's, you're doing okay.

Don’t ever worry about your resume looking jumpy. As long as it doesn’t look like Hannah’s, you’re doing okay.

What did you guys think of Close Up?

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